Random Thoughts: Ted Cruz, Death Cults, Selfless Billionaires

Today, I see the following headline on Right Scoop: “WATCH: Ted Cruz GRILLS Google rep on allegations of anti-Trump bias exposed by Project Veritas.” 

I can understand why Lyin’ Ted thinks no one should be allowed to show “bias” against his beloved daddy. But shouldn’t he have the emotional maturity to at least keep this fawning hero-worship to the privacy of his own idolater’s shrine? As for Google’s “anti-Trump bias,” color me amazed. They are socialists, Teddy! Of course they are biased against the Republican president. Are you proposing new laws barring a company that deals in the exchange of information from disfavoring information they don’t like? Thanks for that constitutional update, Ted-Whom-Nobody-Likes.

As per yesterday’s post here about the Nigerian family in Britain that was ordered to have an abortion entirely on the caprice of a pro-abortion judge who decided that the mentally handicapped mother would find giving up her baby after birth too traumatic, and should therefore be spared that trauma by having her body violated by a murderer’s weapons, I would just add this comment: Better an intellectually disabled woman than a morally disabled judge. Better the child of an intellectually disabled woman than the victim of a socialist death cult.

What is Great Britain today? The blunt answer ought not to be spoken in polite society. There are civilized words for it, but they are the words of Dante’s Seventh Circle of Hell.

I saw a headline, which made world news, that several famous billionaires, including the usual progressive suspects — Soros, Zuckerberg, et al — have publicly asked the U.S. government to raise their taxes. They want to pay more! How noble of them.

And why do they want to pay more? For what purpose?

To pay off the national debt? No, because their entire fortunes would be equivalent to my trying to pay down a mortgage by throwing in a nickel.

To provide specific public benefits that they “believe in”? Why not just set up a fund to donate their money to those causes privately, which would undoubtedly be a much more efficient and beneficial use of their billions? 

To make a public show, designed to humiliate Republicans, of being rich but public-spirited, unlike those evil conservative rich people who connive with the GOP to protect themselves from paying taxes? Yes, that’s a fun bit of optics, but it still presupposes too much honest public-spiritedness from these greedy, power-mongering progressives.

How about this? Because the super-wealthy, the people at the top of the socio-economic pyramid, know perfectly well that giving up more of their wealth in taxes at this point will not hurt them personally at all, whereas it could be paralyzing or severely limiting to the less rich but ambitious people on their way up. The number one goal of a person who has sold his soul for power and wealth, and succeeded, is of course — to keep his power and wealth, to protect his elevated status, to ensure that his position atop his industry and his society is never threatened. And the best way to achieve that goal is to create regulatory conditions that, while being marginally uncomfortable for those at the top, are utterly devastating to newcomers trying to work their way up the ladder.

As I have explained before, for example, threatening regulations and reinforcing conditional “protected status” for internet giants such as Google and Facebook, is not only counterproductive, but in fact is something those giants are begging for. Every regulation that embeds their corporate entities into the political structure, while severely restricting how companies may operate within their industry, serves only to entrench them atop the industry in perpetuity by making it impossible for new entries to the industry to gain a profitable foothold, due to all the government regulations, licensing restrictions, and so on. Google and Facebook can survive anything, including the occasional lawsuit or reprimand. New, smaller players would quickly be decimated by such burdens. The people at the top of the heap always favor more regulation and taxation of their industries, because it is, all things being equal, the best way to ensconce themselves in a socially elite position for life. 

Ted Cruz, by the way, might have the brains to recognize that, if he didn’t have his head tucked so far up his career ambitions these days.

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