“Toady Ted! Toady Ted!”

During the 2016 Republican primaries, Donald Trump and his surrogates smeared Ted Cruz as a fake Christian, a pathological liar, and a globalist tool whose marriage was a sham to cover for his serial romps with aides, whose wife was a climbing, hysterical schemer with “Stepford wife” overtones, and whose father was involved in the JFK assassination. I’m beginning to wonder….

Today, Right Scoop, which remains the hub of Ted Cruz boosterism, is featuring the headline, “Ted Cruz releases awesome statement on Trump’s withdrawal from Iran deal!”

Without even looking at the statement, I knew, sadly, how it would begin:

Today, President Trump boldly told the world that the United States will not be bound by an agreement that advances the interests of an enemy committed to the destruction of our nation and our allies. I commend President Trump for exiting the Obama Iranian nuclear deal and for his commitment to confronting Iran’s ‘Death to America’ regime.

Compare the statement released by Senator Mike Lee, an actual constitutional conservative:

Lee: Reserved, reasonable, focused on the unconstitutional nature of the Obama administration’s Iran deal. 

Cruz: The entire first paragraph is focused on a gushing, worshipful “Hip-hip-hooray!” for “President Trump” and his boldness.

I recently examined this new, Trump-loving Ted Cruz in more detail. I note here, however, that this past weekend at the NRA convention, Trump explicitly endorsed Cruz during his speech. And now, as has become his usual tone, Cruz is back, leaping at the opportunity to congratulate Trump on being so big and strong. 

Let’s see…Trump is, as I have explained many times, the GOP establishment’s secret weapon for destroying the constitutional conservative movement once and for all. And Ted Cruz, the erstwhile “leader” of that movement, has now gone from merely leaping, embarrassingly, onto the Trump bandwagon, to driving it. 

In a pond somewhere, Mitch McConnell is extending his little turtle neck with delight.

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