Marxist Marionette Hoist With Her Own Petard

                                              Let it work,
For ’tis the sport to have the engineer
Hoist with his own petard; and ’t shall go hard
But I will delve one yard below their mines
And blow them at the moon.
                 — Hamlet, III.4

O, ’tis most sweet, when Marxists and their lies directly meet.

Normally, the illogic, sloganeering, and sycophancy for tyranny that passes for political discussion in today’s progressive media would not be worth a moment’s bother here in Limbo, which is why there is no television in Limbo — no CNN, no Fox, none of it. But every once in a while, a moment of Marxist self-destruction is captured on tape — immortalized in the ether — that proves so deliciously satisfying that one simply has to take a moment to exult in it.

With only that as a preface, I give you this two minute clip from a Sirius XM radio debate, in which a female CNN contributor tries to silence a male Fox News contributor with one of the standard Marxist fallacies:

If you have stopped laughing, I wish to draw your attention to just one all-important point. Upon hearing that he is the beneficiary of “white privilege,” David Webb immediately delves one yard below his accuser’s mines, asking her, with real or (my guess) feigned innocence, “How do I have the privilege of white privilege?”

In answer to this, the black woman replies condescendingly, “By virtue of being a white male, you have white privilege.” Here Webb tries to interrupt to inform her that he is not white, but she continues ranting the “white privilege” talking point at him for some time before she finally understands what he is saying, and for one magical moment the air goes almost as blank as the mind of a person spouting Marxist catch phrases such as “white privilege.”

But it’s the remainder of the exchange that it the really interesting part. While the Marxist marionette tries to cover her tracks by apologizing for not knowing Webb was black, Webb repeatedly, correctly, and to no avail of course, presses the point that her primary error was not that she failed to realize she was talking to a black man, but that she “went to white privilege” immediately, as though that were a legitimate argument, or would have been legitimate had Webb in fact been white.

In other words, had Webb been a white Fox News contributor, the “white privilege” accusation would have been no less insulting or fallacious — no less an ad hominem — than when used on a black man. But this female Marxist, like all her ideological brothers and sisters, is so mindlessly invested in the career and political convenience of being able to shoot ad hominem arguments dressed up in Marxist pseudo-theory with impunity, that she is incapable of even recognizing how thoroughly her thought processes have been revealed as pure indoctrinated claptrap.

In a debate on the issue of race, answering the position that people are mostly judged on merit today by shouting “white privilege” is not merely a weak argument; it is an attempt to obviate any need to offer an argument. It has the force of an unfalsifiable theory, which may be applied with such universality that it effectively negates all counterargument on the issue. Anything you say in defense of your position will be answered with the blanket accusation of “white privilege,” which, like its analogous accusations of “male privilege,” “Eurocentrism,” and the like, is intended to short-circuit dissenting views in advance, rather than to disprove them.

For how can one answer a charge of “white privilege”? As Webb’s example humorously proves, citing one’s own example will only call forth further claims of “white privilege.” You cannot even claim to know your own situation, your own experience, your own life, as well as any random slogan-infested Marxist automaton, because after all, you are part of the systemic oppression endemic to European white capitalist society. You lose the debate by default, merely by existing.

In other words, “white privilege” is not an argument. It is a logical fallacy, like virtually everything that the Marxist-educated modern leftist tries to pass off as debate.

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