Random Sunday Reflections

Michelle Obama notoriously said, in reference to her husband’s nomination for the U.S. presidency, that this was the first time she had ever felt proud of her country. To borrow her inflection while reversing her sentiments, I can honestly say that this year is the first time I have ever felt ashamed of my species.

I just read the headline, “Alex Trebek Was Cremated, Wife Jean Will Keep His Ashes At Their Home.” 

Did I mention that I am ashamed of my species? Why in hell does anyone need to know — or more importantly, want to know — how a television celebrity’s body was disposed of after his death, let alone what his wife plans to do with his remains? Good God, we are tiny little worms, indefatigably crawling intrusively around in one another’s lives and deaths and carcasses, as if we had any right to be there — as if our “fellow men” lived and died for our amusement and titillation. Such quasi-lifeforms deserve the universal enslavement they have mindlessly submitted to. 

Just when you thought Donald Trump could not possibly look like a more embarrassing and ignorant jackass than he did while “winning,” the world is now saddled with the supreme humiliation of watching this speck of Vladimir Putin’s belly button lint rant and rave against his own imagination in ignominious defeat. 

A bracing thought: If television had never been invented, Donald Trump would never have been president. (Neither, for that matter, would his predecessor.)

I have heard the comedian Norm Macdonald quip about the 2016 U.S. election that Americans hated Hillary Clinton so much that they voted for someone they hated even more, just to rub it in. We might observe, then, following the same principle, that in 2020 Americans were so embarrassed by Donald Trump’s raving stupidity that they voted for an opponent who might literally be going senile (although given his verbal history, who could be sure?), just to rub it in.

If this trajectory continues, the next President of the United States should logically be someone even less sentient than Biden. Alex Trebek’s ashes would be ideal, if only he had not been born and raised in Canada.

Masks will be mandated, and indeed already have been in many places. Logically, therefore, vaccines will be mandated. You will not be allowed to go back to school or work without having received whichever coronavirus vaccine happens to win your nation’s edition of the Big Pharma Bribe-Fest. And when dozens or hundreds of people turn up dead from side effects of the insufficiently-tested vaccine — a vaccine which of course will not actually prevent you from contracting COVID-19 — this will be no objection. The media’s newly amplified rhetoric about “record numbers of cases” and how “mask mandates save lives” and how “experts raise concerns about vaccine distribution” is a sure sign that the intention is to keep this mass hysteria at fever pitch so as to make the eventual government mandates seem not only desirable but utterly beyond debate.

From tomorrow’s in-depth reports: “How dare those selfish cretins even think of sending their unvaccinated children to the same school with mine?” “78% say health plans should refuse coverage to those who reject vaccine.” And the rest of the mumbo-jumbo.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Corollary: Where there’s no will, there’s no way.

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