What Is An Activist?

An activist is one who is so oppressed and tortured by his immoderate feelings that his only means of relief is to disperse his pain among others, demanding that everyone be oppressed and tortured by his (that is, the activist’s) feelings.

An activist is one who is utterly without intellectual reserve, philosophic detachment, or the natural sense of irony born of learning to apprehend the world as something broader than one’s immediate physical conditions and deeper than one’s immediate moment in time. That is, the activist is, by definition, one who lacks education.

An activist is one who believes that all the world, and all the human race, was ignorant and evil prior to the revealed truth embodied in himself and his generation’s tribe of activist allies — and who recognizes nothing strikingly superficial, nothing suspiciously childish, in such a perspective.

An activist is one who would rather be seen as certain than as wise, as angry than as moral, as unwavering than as reflective, as “driven” than as independent-minded, as passionate than as rational.

An activist is one who lives and breathes indignation — and who is blissfully, almost willfully, unaware of what indignation actually is, or what it reveals about the person who would live by it as a substitute for principle or understanding.

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