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Trump is at it again, congratulating Turkish Islamist thug, opposition persecutor, and press censor Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on his recent election victory as de facto ruler for life, just as he congratulated Russian KGB thug, opposition persecutor, and press censor Vladimir Putin on his recent election victory as de facto ruler for life, and just as he congratulated Chinese Communist Party thug, opposition persecutor, and press censor Xi Jinping on his recent “election” as de facto ruler for life.

“Oh, he just says that because….”

We’re out of plausible becauses, I’m afraid. He says these things because he is an idiot who respects and admires only what he calls “winning,” which means getting what you want — regardless of what it is — by any available means.

American leftists are becoming increasingly aggressive about taunting and intimidating members of the Trump administration and other Republicans in public places. And no, it is not just about asking someone whose political connections you dislike to leave your restaurant, which, though perhaps a stupid thing to do, is nevertheless within the legitimate rights of business owners, regardless of which person or group they happen to dislike. In this case, however, the aggression also involves confronting people on the street, not just on one’s own property. (Amusingly, in the most recent case, linked in the previous sentence, the victims are Mitch McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao — and Chao confronts the “protesters” directly, while the Turtle leaves her there, in a shouting match with several young men, while he escapes into the safety of their vehicle.)

Meanwhile, a sitting U.S. Congressnut, Maxine Waters, has now repeatedly encouraged her fellow radical punks — people who prefer to resolve political disputes by fomenting violence and mass rage, rather than by persuading their fellow citizens to think and vote differently — to ramp up this private intimidation and bullying of Republican political figures. If there isn’t a law on the books according to which an elected official may be charged with a crime for publicly fomenting violence against political opponents, then surely there ought to be such a law.

(And please don’t object that Trump himself was fomenting violence against his opponents at his rallies during the primaries. I am well aware of that, and wrote against it at the time. If that’s the best you can say in defense of Maxine Waters, then why not just meet me halfway and agree that the world would be a better place if both Waters and Trump had been removed from the current scene on charges of fomenting violence against political opponents.)

Somewhere, Bill Ayers — the most cowardly, snivelling thug in American history, always keen to foment but always urging others to do the dirty work for him — is smiling behind his barricades. This is his dream come true, the moment of kindling for his “prairie fire”; the moment that was supposed to happen, but never quite happened, during the Obama years, and for which Ayers eventually became so disillusioned about the puppet he had spent so many years helping to create.

American illiterate thug, opponent stalker, and press threatener Donald Trump is congratulating himself today on attacking an American company for making him look bad. Harley Davidson says it will move part of its operation overseas due in part to the effect of Trump’s trade war. Trump, a reality TV producer who is expert at orchestrating the optics of everything to make himself look good, and doesn’t like loose ends (i.e., actual reality) to get in the way of his self-promotion, is angry that yet another company is saying his tariffs are causing harm.

Rather than accept that Harley Davidson, a private company, has every right to do whatever it wants with its business operations, and for that matter that job losses, though unfortunate, are an inevitable part of life in the free market, which no amount of legislation or trade policy can avoid, Trump just has to leap in with his usual gut response to such matters: publicly shame, attack, and threaten the private business that has refused to cooperate with his reality TV fantasy presidency. 

What a sick, vainglorious sham of a twelve-year-old girl this alpha male president is!

On a lighter note, since I chronicled the purge of all anti-Trump voices from RedState, I have noticed a few tiny moments of dissent from the Trump cult creeping back into that website. How interesting. Since the decision to whack all the prominent critics of Trump — or at least all who couldn’t be coaxed into “writing about other things” — was clearly a policy decision from the top, the recent, tentative peeps of rational commentary there would seem to provide evidence that quite a few others reacted to the cleansing the same way I did, namely by no longer wasting much time visiting that site, since there are plenty of other Trump-loving hubs online, many of them populated by even better careerist sycophants than Streiff. 

In other words, RedState’s editorial board has apparently decided to offer up a little light fare for the “NeverTrumpers,” i.e., actual constitutional conservatives who are still, in spite of generations of indoctrination to the contrary, more enamoured of the idea of liberty than they are addicted to the idea of celebrity.

Seemingly a little too heady with this new lease on reason, however, I see that one of the few surviving heretics, Jim Jamitis, has posted a couple of recent articles that return to the pre-purge days of intellectual honesty spiced with a little sardonic frustration. In one of them, about the practical effects of Trump’s tariffs, Jamitis has the gall to use such purge-worthy language as this:

It should make any real conservative’s teeth itch knowing that under all the bombast about preventing the U.S. from getting screwed on trade deals there is an army of unelected GS-whatevers picking and choosing which companies have to abide by Trump’s new rules and which ones don’t. The feds picking winners and losers—that’s something conservatives used to oppose wasn’t it?

The area of Missouri where the plant is located voted 80% for President Trump. Glassman said he can’t say whether people in town are still supporting the president.

Oh, I’m sure they are still supporting him. He’s just potentially putting them out of a job. It’s not like he shot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue or anything.

Oh, dear. Jamitis, apparently feeling a little embarrassed at having agreed to hold his brain in check for the sake of a job, while so many others lost their jobs for refusing to do so, has come back to his senses, somewhat heroically. Or, as I guess, tragic-heroically, as I’m sure he’s considered the possibility that with this honest writing, he is putting himself directly onto a collision course with the Trump-panderers who run the show at the new RedState. If you doubt my prediction of the fate of Mr. Jamitis, take a look at the reader comments on his recent articles. The site, which used to attract a substantial faction of serious conservatives and therefore foster a bit of authentic debate, now looks like the comment section at American Thinker — all Trump cult hit squad, all the time.

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