Trump’s Hinges Fall Off

Indignation, as I have recently noted in another context, is the soul’s rebellion against uncomfortable questions about itself. But indignation retains a semblance of rationality (or at least rationalization) at its core. One step beyond indignation lies the even more revealing spectacle of a man responding to criticisms that touch sensitive nerves by melting down into hysterics.

Here, then, is a Trump tweet about Steve Bannon, in the wake of Michael Wolff’s book quoting Bannon criticizing Trump’s family and administration:

Just a couple of days back, American Thinker ran a kook fringe piece (by a formerly sensible author) declaring that not only was Trump a great heroic genius President in spite of his character flaws, but that on the contrary his character itself is laudable, wonderful, manly, and unimpeachable. 

I wonder what that author and her thousands of fellow groupies think today. I say that purely for rhetorical purposes, of course. In fact I know what she and they are really thinking today: “Yeah! Go get ’em, chess master! You’re draining the swamp, we love you!”

Is there a God? Seriously, I’m asking.

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