Over There, Over There

One of the U.S. Democratic Party’s leading propaganda outlets, MSNBC, is blithely reporting today, in this new year of our Election Lord 2024, that:

a Politico report indicates that the Biden administration is quietly shifting away from backing Ukraine’s bid for total victory. Instead, the White House is now thinking about how to best position Ukraine for negotiations that are likely to lead to territorial concessions. The news underscores the failure of Ukraine’s widely watched counteroffensive and reflects concern about dwindling resources of both Ukraine and its allies to oust a heavily dug-in Russia.

This story has two main points of interest, one concerning the status of America today, the other concerning the fate of the Earth tomorrow. 

The first point is that, as usual, the United States government has made promises that allowed a supposed friend and ally to commit itself to a course of action that would seem viable only on the basis of those American promises, and then summarily turned around and reneged on all the promises, leaving the besieged “friend” trapped in a web of American lies, abandoned to an absolute raping and pillaging.

To hell with that worthless has-been of a free country. Retire now, “USA, USA”! You are three generations past the last stage of your prime, for God’s sake!

The second point, far more important in the long run, in as much as it will soon reduce the land of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, and the so-called “greatest generation” to a footnote in modern history, is revealed by that beautifully understated final clause in the passage from MSNBC quoted above: “and reflects concern about dwindling resources of both Ukraine and its allies to oust a heavily dug-in Russia.”

“Ukraine and its allies” is a euphemism for “Ukraine watching its supposed allies withdrawing their support at the moment of truth.” But the statement that Ukraine and “its allies,” i.e., the collective economic, military, and political weight of the entire Western world (along with the democratic West’s substantial friends in the East) are “concerned” that they lack the might and will to oust a “heavily dug-in” Vladimir Putin is an admission that sends a thundering message to the history of mankind, to everyone who ever died in a righteous cause or wrote an inspirational work of liberty.

The message is as simple as it is summary: Freedom does not work. Liberty engenders lethargy, cowardice, and a gradual moral surrender to tyranny. A petty thug with a dwindling army of half-committed slaves is enough to scare off and repel the entire collected power of the United States, Europe, and their friends around the globe. Russia (i.e., the two-bit despotic oligarch who has exploited that haplessly failed nation to smithereens) has indeed defeated the West in toto, thus declaring to all other tyrants with ears to hear that they too may march with impunity around the globe, demanding and taking whatever land they like, kidnapping whatever children they wish, abolishing whatever nation-states they regard as obstacles to their vainglorious acquisitiveness. 

The United States of America has set itself up, completely voluntarily, to surrender to Vladimir Putin. Demanding “negotiations” at this point is nothing but face-saving rhetoric from losers who wish to hide their shamed heads under a comforting pillow. Ukraine was prepared to fight to the death if necessary. The “free world” said, “Go to it, we have your back.” And now, a country devastated and worn down from two years of fighting for its life is being told that it will have to make land concessions after all, because Putin’s battered gang of punks is just too overwhelming to be resisted any longer. What a complete humiliation. And what a self-condemning admission of impotence from the West, or rather what is left of it — which, in the final analysis, may be little more than Ukraine itself, along with a few other border dwellers such as Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, also soon to be overrun by the emboldened tyrant who just exposed the greatest “free world” alliance in history for the frightened kittens they have turned out, collectively, to be.

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