Opinions in Transition

Michelle Obama, I read in a headline today, says of the transition of presidential administrations, “This is not a game.” 

This is important news, partly because many people apparently thought this was a game, but mainly because Michelle Obama is a deeply knowledgeable and experienced statesman who understands and profoundly respects the nature and traditions of republican government.

Joe Biden, the U.S. President-Elect-by-Media-Pronouncement, warns that due to the current delays in the transition process, “More people may die.” 

This is relevant because it indicates that Biden is anxious not to let the Republicans get all the credit for killing people before he gets a shot at it.

The Democrats and their media wing are running full steam ahead on the propaganda blitz to justify immediate and extreme totalitarian measures — from both police state and redistributionist angles — to combat the dreaded Pandemic that Ate a Planet.

Meanwhile, I notice that countries and jurisdictions that imposed the widest and deepest lockdowns and the correspondingly deepest and widest economic damage to their societies during the “first wave” of the virus, are subsequently enjoying the deepest and widest “surges” of new cases, thus supposedly justifying the widest and deepest new totalitarian measures.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, lockdowns work (if you are a progressive totalitarian who cares not a tick about the actual societal effects of a pandemic, but only about how well the optics of crisis may be exploited to expand state powers to hitherto impossible breadths — or a medical-scientific careerist bureaucrat willing to latch onto any political agenda that promises you personal glory and significance)!

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