2024 GOP Primary Lineup Identifies Itself

A group of nine U.S. senators, including, inevitably, Ted Cruz — the most pathetically compromised man from a state apparently now comprised of nothing but pathetically compromised men — has issued a joint statement declaring their intention to oppose the certification of electoral college votes until the completion of a “ten-day emergency audit” that they have fabricated. In other words, those nine senators are considering presidential runs in 2024, and know that this pro-Trump publicity stunt is a prerequisite for having any hope of winning the support of the Trump cult during the primaries.

Shamelessness knows no bounds in Washington, D.C. As has become the norm, this group of nine blowhards cites as grounds for their nonsense the fact that Trump’s personality cult refuses to believe that Trump could ever lose an election, as if that qualified as evidence of something.

In the statement, the senators cited a poll that showed about 40 percent of Americans believe the election was rigged and contend that additional vetting is needed to restore trust in U.S. elections.

“But, whether or not our elected officials or journalists believe it, that deep distrust of our democratic processes will not magically disappear,” they said. “It should concern us all. And it poses an ongoing threat to the legitimacy of any subsequent administrations.”

Trump, a manipulative cult leader, told his followers, with the help of his allies and bootlickers in the “conservative media,” that Trump’s loss could only be explained as resulting from fraud. He was slinging this hash even before the election, ramped up the inflammatory rhetoric on election night, and has turned his Twitter account into a non-stop rant against “fraud” and “rigged elections.” Since no other president has ever been so brazenly abusive of his position, as well as so overtly cynical about his supporters, Trump has convinced a lot of them that the election was indeed “stolen” from them. This is not evidence that an emergency audit is needed to restore trust in the electoral system. It is evidence that it is time to stop feeding the cult monster.

Trump, as I have said more times than I can count, is a wrecking ball sent to Washington by nefarious interests to lay waste to the Tea Party, civil order, and whatever was left of the U.S. Constitution. Mission accomplished.

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