Begging for the FEMA Camps

In a fit of self-fulfilling prophecy, the Trump cult appears to be trying to put itself on a path to the internment camps their propaganda wing has been fearmongering about for years. If they continue demanding executions for elected Republicans and threatening violence in the streets to overturn a presidential election result they do not like, they may indeed put the U.S. Federal Government in the position of having no reasonable option but to bring in the military, round up the violent subversives, and…well, you fill in the blanks.

Just hours ago, I wrote of Louie Gohmert, a member of the United States House of Representatives, whose lawsuit aimed at giving Mike Pence dictatorial powers was rejected, both by the vice president himself and by a federal judge, and who then responded to this failure by going on Trump TV (aka Newsmax) to declare that Trump supporters are left with no other recourse but violence in the streets.

Now I see that Lin Wood, a prominent “pro-Trump lawyer,” as well as being an obvious muckraker and instigator, very likely in the pocket of a foreign government, has literally called for Vice President Pence to be arrested, interrogated until he reveals the deep state’s schemes, and then executed by firing squad. (By the way, under social media attack, Wood directly denied claims that he is insane in making such a statement. I notice, however, that he did not deny being drunk as a skunk on Russian vodka.)

For the more reasonable among you who honestly convinced yourselves that a vote for Trump was merely a vote against the Democrats — you could have voted for your mother or your next-door neighbor if that was all you wanted, by the way — I am here to inform you, as I have been trying to do for over four years, that you were fooling yourselves. I am genuinely sorry to have to say it (again), but you were voting for this. For calls to reverse an election outcome on no credible evidence whatsoever. For a president who has turned on every member of his own administration, and his own party, who has not circled the wagons to protect him from a reality his childish mind cannot accept. For cynical career climbers in Washington and the media willing to say and do anything, no matter how destructive of law and order, in a play for the future electoral support, or present audience loyalty, of millions of souls lost in a haze of cultish irrationality. For brazenly incendiary rhetoric from sitting congressmen, and demands for treason executions from Trump’s public advocates. For all the ugliness, the certain and fruitless violence, the years of irrecoverable loss to all hopes of reviving constitutionalism and liberty in America — for all the permanent damage that is about to ensue, and that has already been done, thanks to the combination of mass delusion and craven self-seeking that is the Trump presidency. 

This is real. Not the supposed mathematically impossible number of Biden votes — that’s fake. Not the “proof” of voting machines reversing millions of Trump votes — that’s fake. Not the Mike Pence conspiracy to destroy Trumpism in favor of the deep state establishment — that’s fake. Not the overwhelming evidence of voter fraud that has mysteriously disappeared from the Trump team’s rhetoric every time a judge has entered the room — that’s fake. What is real is the fraud that has been perpetrated against so-called conservative Americans, by Trump himself; by money-grubbing “conservative media” phonies who stoked anger for their own gain, without caring a tick for the lives and future generations undone by this wave of irrational hatred; by Washington establishment schemers who (wisely) saw Trump as their best bet to crush the pesky constitutional conservative faction of the electorate once and for all; by foreign interests who pushed the “alt-right” crap as a means of destroying the viability and credibility of civil society and the rule of law.

You have been had, bigly. And there is no turning back. What you were voting for, when you told yourself you were voting “against the Democrats,” was a crackpot lawyer on social media demanding that Mike Pence be arrested, tortured for a confession, and shot to death.

Final note: 

One of the more prominent public commentators to stake out the middle ground on Trump — distrusting the man, but believing he was “better than X” — is Andrew McCarthy at National Review. McCarthy used to be a favorite of many constitutional conservatives, including his (I suspect) former friend Mark Levin. For having dared to vote for the man while rejecting the parades, McCarthy became persona non grata in the Trump cult, of course. But now, to his credit, he is taking his skepticism one step further at last, and asking the honest question I am asking all my readers who voted for Trump’s re-election to ask themselves: Will history support this compromise, or have the last two months proved the ugliest truth of Trump to such a degree that there is no escape from the harm his presidency will ultimately turn out to have done to the republic? (Warning: I believe the McCarthy article linked above is only available to NR subscribers, or those who have not used up their monthly quota of free articles. I am in the latter group.)

By at least having the decency to examine his soul this way publicly, McCarthy elevates himself above those “conservative media” profiteers who have tried to play both sides on Trumpism, and who have conveniently gone into hiding in recent days so as to evade the call of history to stake out an honest position, one way or the other, on the current cult meltdown.

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