No, Trump Didn’t Get “Rolled”: An Open Letter to Old Friends

My old haunt American Thinker, along with PJ Media, American Spectator, and almost all the other big “conservative” websites, jumped headfirst onto the Trump bandwagon almost two years ago. From that time, the official editorial line has been that everything Trump does must be justified and defended, and that all criticism of the man or his cult must be muted or outright barred. 

Suddenly, today, in the aftermath of Trump’s umpteenth complete sell-out of his base — this time on the omnibus spending bill — I see that AT, though still running a full slate of Trump-loving articles, has given its more topical blog section over to its inner Ann Coulter (i.e., woman scorned) for the day, running with three posts contending that Trump “got rolled” by the Washington establishment. Strangely, this time I have to defend Trump against the criticism.

Consider the following an “open letter” to my old friends and former reader-commenters at AT, along with all other Trump bandwagon-hoppers everywhere. (As usual, I exempt non-Trumpanzees who hated voting for Trump but honestly saw no other option in the voting booth on Election Day. They are the innocent victims of this fraud.)

Dear Friends,

“Trump got rolled” is too easy, folks. It may sound like you’re throwing a tough criticism at your idol, but in fact it’s the opposite — it’s merely the best you could come up with to save his reputation and your pride.

No, Trump didn’t get rolled. You did.

You fantasized that a lifelong reality TV huckster would, if elected President, govern as something other than a reality TV huckster. He and his puppet-masters played you for useful idiots, and you didn’t let them down. Now you’re stuck with a reality TV huckster and you just can’t understand how he could get played by Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer this way. The answer is simple: he didn’t get played. He was owned by them from day one; he was planted by them, using you as the hoe. He is shining their shoes now, exactly as he always did before — though he boastfully called it “doing what a businessman does,” and you thought it sounded cool rather than amorally weak — because such beta girl servility masquerading as bluster is the only way he knows to get the one thing he really wants, namely the empty gratification of the non-stop ego massage needed by a vain, insecure phony. 

And now you try to salvage his and your own egos by pretending the establishment duped the poor man. No, the establishment, of which Trump is a member — specifically the court jester — duped you

Don’t bother apologizing, either to those of us who were publicly warning you about this fraud back in the spring of 2016, but whom you dumped on, dismissed, and smeared as hacks, fools, and worse, or to the millions of your fellow Americans who had the brains, principles, and emotional maturity you lacked when you were mocking and spitting at them (“NeverTrumper,” “cuckservative,” “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” and the rest of your crap) while stealing their last hopes of regaining their country from the progressive horde.

No apologies necessary. All that is necessary — not for us, and not for your republic (way too late for that, I’m afraid) — but for your immortal souls, is that you finally come to terms with what you have done, what you have contributed (quite a lot) to the ultimate demise of your great country. For your own sakes, stop making excuses and rationalizations for your failure of judgment and your susceptibility to being riled up to a level of irrational anger and fear in which you could be so easily manipulated by establishment leaders who hated and laughed at you even as they used you to destroy your more principled compatriots.

Mitch McConnell rolled you. Live with it. Accept it. The truth shall set you free.

Oh, by the way, Trump cleverly used the fallout furor over his betrayal on government spending to sneak in his promised betrayal on the Second Amendment, even taking the time to tweet about how his bump stock ban was overturning Obama’s legalization of that accessory — that is, boasting about being more authoritarian on guns than the most progressive (previous) president in U.S. history. You own that too. 

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