Can We Just Put America Out of Her Misery, Already!

The lawyer for pornographic actress “Stormy Daniels” has communicated with President Donald Trump via the latter’s preferred diplomatic channel, Twitter, by posting a photograph of a DVD along with a not-so-subtle warning that the President should take the disc’s contents very seriously. Does anyone really want to see how this plays out? I mean anyone who prefers America to reality television?

Let’s get the obligatory laughter out of the way — obligatory in the sense that it’s the only way to stave off the urge to wretch. Does the disc contain video of Trump reading Forbes magazine to the young lady? Does it contain photos of Donnie and Stormy comparing hand sizes? Or does it perhaps…[insert own sarcastic remark here]?

All joking (and puking) aside, however, does anyone remember what conservatives — and even some leftists — said in response to the argument that Bill Clinton’s private affairs were his business?

They said this kind of character problem is the sort of thing that can leave a leader fatally compromised and his nation dangerously exposed to blackmail threats and moral manipulation. If the president has a history of never having met a temptation he didn’t like, who knows where this weakness might lead him, or to whom he might reveal, or have already revealed, more important things than his hand size?

We’re not talking about “an affair.” We’re talking about a serial mindless gratification addict. This, as Clinton’s critics used to point out, is a national security threat on numerous levels. In Trump’s case, how many “warning shots” similar to this DVD photo could be fired at him right now, and from how many sources potentially more dangerous than a porn star’s lawyer?

All of Trump’s so-called Christian defenders who claim the authority to decide that somehow, this time, character doesn’t matter, ought to consider that character might matter for reasons beyond religious purity.

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