A Moment with Something Not Ugly

Within the next several hours, I will post my comments regarding the March to Surrender Our Lives that took place across Amerika on Sunday, framed as an open letter to David Hogg, the foul-mouthed, disrespectful little punk — uh, traumatized, articulate young man who has assumed the mantle of global spokesman for angry young know-nothings who hate their parents — oops, socially conscious youth everywhere.

In the meantime, however, and to change the subject from the grim and ugly reality of the once-freest nation on Earth being torn to pieces by bitter, ignorant, self-aggrandizing, social-media-obsessed teenage vanity — but enough about President Trump — let us look at some pretty pictures, shall we? These are a few shots (sorry, did I say “shots”? — I hope I haven’t micro-aggressed anyone) from my Sunday morning walk. The stars of our show are egrets and herons, birds visible by the dozens on a daily basis right here in town, but so beautiful that I never tire of staring at them.

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