Michael Flynn and Trump’s Deep State Administration

Lieutenant-General Michael Flynn is a former and current Trump favorite; former when he seemed to give Trump credibility on national security, current due to his refusal to give evidence against Trump to the Mueller investigation regarding his own duplicitous relationships with various anti-American forces. Today, Flynn is under the microscope again, this time related to his and his close associates’ involvement in lobbying the U.S. Government to extradite a man Turkey wishes to punish for the supposed coup attempt that the Erdogan regime used as an excuse to tighten its grip on permanent power in its increasingly Islamist nation.

This is more evidence proving the danger some of us warned about with Trump as GOP nominee and president. He doesn’t know his a– from third base about anything, and is clearly too habitually optics-oriented to get into the weeds and actually learn something at this stage of life. Therefore, he has no choice but to rely on every establishment (aka “deep state”) operator who can win his ear and save him from humiliation: Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Wilbur Ross, Peter Navarro, and on and on.

Flynn was apparently one such operator. Has this dependence on cynical agents like Flynn affected Trump’s actual policies? Trump has been very weak on Turkey and downright shameful in his praise of Erdogan, just as he has been with various other despotic regimes and their leaders. Likewise, he has followed Ross and Navarro on tariffs and trade, both of those men — both Democrats, like Trump himself — being extremely anti-free market and pro-government manipulation.

Thus, when Trump talks, as he is incessantly doing these days, about working with the Democrats to “provide great healthcare for all Americans,” rational Americans — conservatives, constitutionalists, people who love their natural rights, their elderly parents, their privacy, and their property — should be afraid. Very afraid.

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