Mark Levin

Has ever a man built a more solid reputation as a principled non-conformist within an environment dominated by opportunistic conformism, only to demolish that reputation in order to sell himself as spare parts, in a shorter span of time?

Has ever a man been more rhetorically effective at publicly attacking false declarations of “conservatism,” only to turn around and become the biggest abuser of that term himself, such as by applying that descriptor to a president who literally could not express one coherent sentence defining conservatism, let alone espousing it?

Has ever a man fallen so fast from the heights of defending the American principle of a government of laws and not of men in the popular media, to the depths of abandoning his every past belief and allegiance in favor of the personality cult of the most vacuous human being ever to enter U.S. federal politics?

Has ever a man more publicly and blatantly sold out his audience for a bag of cash, his opinions for career advancement, his reason to the flattering words of power?

Has ever a man spent more effort defining himself as one too proud to say what he is supposed to say and too earnest to play the game, only to turn around at whiplash speed and become exactly the sort of cheerleader, yes man, and climber he once ridiculed and despised?

Okay, the answer to all those questions is “Yes, many times, and one need look no further than Ted Cruz for another current example right there within the Trump bootlicker club.” But today, I choose to highlight Mark Levin, because his case is more interesting than that of Cruz. Whereas the latter simply turned out to be a big phony, like most ambitious politicians, the former actually was relatively principled and proud, until Trump’s primary campaign — and the internet swarming techniques Trump’s Russia-backed cult used to intimidate and threaten all opponents — shook him to his foundations, or rather exposed the deepest fissures of personal anxiety and avarice in his foundations.

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