The Irony of Nihilism: Mortal Dread

One of the paradoxes of this age that has forfeited all belief in a reality beyond immediate sense perception, and all humanity beyond the material mechanism, is that people, though no longer believing they exist, have become hysterically obsessed with prolonging their “life” (i.e., their illusory appearance of self-moving unity) regardless of the cost. No price is too high to pay for a pile of bouncing atoms which “desires” — that childish illusion of intentionality persists! — to preserve its material interactivity as long as possible, though “it” (metaphorically speaking, of course, since there is, scientifically, no “it” corresponding to that archaic notion of a grammatical subject) can hardly cite a reason why doing so would be meaningful, let alone “desirable.”

For the sake of ameliorating the mortal dread of these modern scientific nihilistic materialists — Can beings that have life only in false perceptions experience “mortal dread”? — we antiquated ones must relinquish our freedom, self-determination, and adult rationality. Because heaven forbid we should demand the preservation of those “spiritual goods” (i.e., illusions), when we all know that without the immediate imposition of global totalitarianism, people will die!

And with that, I give you Remy from Reason, more relevant than ever. Laugh while you still can.

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