Mark Levin Discovers the Obvious

Mark Levin, who has twisted himself into a sadder pretzel than any other conservative media celebrity in trying to maintain his integrity while defending the anti-American fraud that is Donald Trump, apparently noticed it was the Friday after a full moon, and therefore his scheduled time to discover yet again that Trump has “sold us out.”

According to Levin, who speaks with shock in his voice, Trump hasn’t shown leadership, he’s sold out his voters, and he has broken his promise on DACA.

Gee, who could have predicted that? Only every conservative whose livelihood does not depend on maintaining the biggest possible audience of Republican voters.

Memo to Mark Levin: Trump was never going to lead anything, because he never has. He was always going to sell you out, because his entire life is one massive sell-out. He broke his promise on DACA, because he was a fraudulent candidate who never believed any of the pseudo-conservative crap he was feeding to his moron cult.

What part of my “memo” is a shock to anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock (or a white sheet) for the past twenty years? Seriously, Mr. Levin, did you really believe Donald Trump was going to govern as an outsider, a conservative, or an honest dealer? He’s a fake.

Yes, I’m relying too heavily on italics these days. What else is one to do when addressing one’s words to people who have rendered themselves willingly blind and deaf? Not dumb, however — no, they never stop talking, ranting, and shouting, these Trump cultists. They’re angry alright. They’ll even tell you, “Damn right, I’m angry!”

Whoop-de-doo, you’re angry. You’re not half as angry as all the people whose country you helped to cut adrift along the river Styx with your weak-willed toadying for a man who has himself never been anything but a weak-willed toady, a flatterer, a traveling peddler man with nothing to sell but his own name.

Trump is like that guy Lefty on Sesame Street who sold Ernie a bottle of air from under his trench coat. “Hey, Bud, I got somethin’ you need.” Like poor Ernie, a lot of suckers actually bought the nothing Trump was selling. Mark Levin was, sorry to say, one of them. Like Ernie, these people are left perplexed and heartbroken when the air they bought slips through their fingers “into thin air.” To come out all fired up about Trump’s lack of leadership now is, to put it politely, a day late and a dollar short.

Not to worry. Given the nature of the Trump cult and the nature of the radio ratings game, Levin will undoubtedly come right back on Monday defending Trump and trashing callers who dare to criticize him. That’s been Levin’s entire confused routine since the primaries: Claim you were the only person to question Trump one day, and then claim that anyone who questions Trump is an un-American Hillary lover the next.

You can already hear him hedging his bets in this “sell-out” rant. Notice how he says, “Let me tell you what’s been lacking here — and I hate to say it, but I call them as I see them: leadership.”

Why does he “hate to say it”? Why, after all the Trump sell-outs, all the broken promises, all the thumbs in the eye to conservatives, all the failures to do the right thing and act like a leader rather than an over-sensitive teenage girl — why after all that is Levin still qualifying his criticisms with regret and reticence? How can he sit there and boast of how hard he’s been on the Republican establishment, while practically apologizing for making one narrow little criticism of the biggest establishmentarian of them all, the establishment’s chosen weapon for bludgeoning conservatives, the Orange McConnell himself?

Mark Levin was easily the most intellectually interesting and valuable of the national conservative radio hosts. One always felt he was speaking from principle and careful thought, and never just saying what he needed to say for ratings and personal success. But Donald Trump has seemingly reduced him to a compromised version of himself, much as he has done to so many other people who appeared to be principled Americans before getting sucked into the cult behind this empty man. Trump is doing what he was designed to do, and what his political donation history told us he would wish to do: dismantle and demean the American conservative movement.

Trump, it seems, is so empty that he is functioning as a pure vacuum, sucking souls and minds into the vortex of nothingness that is his reality TV persona. My advice to American conservatives who wish to stay alive and genuinely themselves: Stay clear, way clear, of this empty man and his cult. No half-support, no making excuses for some of his behavior, no “for the good of the party” reasoning. Get too close, even for a moment, and you may lose yourself forever. It has happened to so many others. Get over the bravado of imagining you are stronger than that. Millions have thought the same. Look at them now.

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