Irma Proves Global Warmists Are Real

If you needed more evidence that progressivism is engendering a new dark age, you need look no further than the renewed preponderance and popular influence of cults. Indoctrinated nihilists, having rejected all purpose and truth in the universe, are filling the void of meaning in their lives by grasping with equal irrationality at tyrannical Utopias, demigod idols, and doomsday theories.

The last of these three cultish trends is best represented by the cult of anthropogenic global warming. Two definitive elements of any cult are (1) the vehemence with which its members adhere to their “truth” regardless of all evidence to the contrary, and (2) the cultists’ unblinking willingness to turn on a dime to a position exactly opposite the one they espoused yesterday, when this turnaround is necessary to supporting their belief in the essential “truth” of the cult. Global warmists exhibit both of these traits with brilliant fluidity.

For years, global warmists insisted their sacred computer model was going to cause a striking increase in the frequency and severity of hurricanes and other storms. But for years, climate deniers (i.e., people who do not live in the cultists’ computer model) noted that this wasn’t happening — that year after recent year, major storms were neither more frequent nor more severe than usual. To which (see definitive element 1, above) the warmists haughtily guffawed, “Climate change doesn’t work that way!”

By “that way,” in the above sentence, they effectively meant “in a way that can be verified in the real world by any kind of physical evidence.” Global warming is causing more and greater storms. The fact that it isn’t actually causing these things is no counterargument. “It doesn’t work that way.”

But now (see definitive element 2, above), the tables have turned. Within the past couple of weeks, the continental United States has been hit by two major hurricanes. Now the warmists are all over the media proudly, excitedly, enrapturedly declaring that these storms are direct evidence of anthropogenic climate change. Suddenly, it seems, it does “work that way” after all. 

So when, for years, the theory is directly contradicted by observable facts, the cult defends itself on the grounds that observable facts cannot be used to evaluate the theory. But when observable facts seem to be momentarily consistent with the theory, the previous rejection of fact-based evaluation of the theory is quickly rejected in favor of “See? What did I tell ya!”

No one who has retained any semblance of an independent mind is really surprised by these inanities anymore, of course, as we’ve all seen them played out so many times. 

It has become the way of the world, thanks to our universal progressive nihilist education. Cultish commitment has supplanted the search for truth and spiritual development. Progressive pragmatism, which preaches the malleability and opportunism of belief in the service of goals grounded only in the religion of “social progress,” is the philosophy of the age. Cultism is a natural outgrowth of that philosophy.

In a cultish world, definitive elements 1 and 2, above, are omnipresent: Truth is immune to reality, and truth is whatever we have to believe today to keep the cult intact. Get used to the new rules. Cults just work that way.

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