Lockdown Fever

The United States of America has been more locked down and restricted — particularly in its most populous areas — than almost any country on Earth this year. Nevertheless, she reports the world’s highest numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths. Needless to say, political progressives and their officially recognized “health experts,” with the backing of their media promoters — tyrannical souls all — are vehemently demanding more lockdowns and mandates as the best, or rather only, possible response to the recent uptick in new cases.

Let us consider: Applying the recent CDC estimate that there are eight times more infections than confirmed cases to the latest number of known positive tests (13.4 million), we may calculate that roughly 107,000,000 people in the U.S. right now have already had, or currently have, the virus. That means, according to the population figures from the start of 2020, that over thirty-two percent of the U.S. has already had, or currently has, this virus.

And lockdowns and stay-at-home orders are going to be effective at stopping the spread, right?

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