Pandemic Lexicon

COVID-related: Euphemism for “government-imposed,” designed to obscure the real effects of excessive state power by reframing these effects as symptoms of a virus that has in fact caused almost no such effects, e.g., “COVID-related unemployment,” “COVID-related poverty,” “COVID-related closures,” “COVID-related suicides,” etc.

Expert: (1) A person whose beliefs about a given subject have been elevated to the status of absolute truth by people who know nothing about that subject; (2) A person whose most prominent and widely-cited beliefs will eventually be used in textbooks as examples of falsehoods that humans once believed.

Lockdown: The despotic political condition prevailing in those jurisdictions which have suffered the widest and most unabated outbreaks of COVID-19.

Nursing home: (1) A place where humanity in 2020 locked millions of weak and vulnerable old people in close quarters, and then sat by and watched, unaffected, as hundreds of thousands of them fell like dominoes to a new flu-like virus; (2) A convenient source of massive death numbers that have very little practical effect on society at large, but provide excellent mass hysteria rhetoric for tyrants and their propagandists.

Ventilator: A deathtrap for untold tens of thousands of people who would likely have recovered from COVID-19 had they been allowed and encouraged to move around and fight through their congestion with willpower and vigorous coughing, rather than strapped on their backs and denied the power of self-regulated breathing by medical professionals too obsessed with their textbooks and technology, and administrators and corporations too obsessed with their contracts and profits, to focus on the actual patients in front of them and use their common sense.

Zoom: (1) A huge public image and market share bonanza for the conscienceless capitalist opportunists at Google Corporation; (2) A glimpse into the near future of universal surveillance; (3) A great leap forward in the progressive reduction of mass education to an instrument for limiting intellectual development to the level of “social interaction” and “information-sharing.”

To be continued…

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