Life Beneath the Veil

There is no living politician I know of whom I would trust unmonitored with my wallet or my cell phone. Why in the world would I trust one with my liberty or my need to know the truth about anything?

Steps are being taken, in every advanced country on Earth, towards establishing the latest manifestation of the totalitarian dream, a cashless society, which is to say a world in which all money is digital, and all digital currency controlled by governments and their central bank partners. The moment this dream is realized, any pretense that humans own any of their money, in any sense consistent with the notions of property rights, self-ownership, or individual sovereignty, will officially be over. All money will be nothing but digital government coupons, with the terms of use, both in theory and, ever more blatantly, in practice, determined day by day according to regulatory standards of good behavior or right living designed, and continually subject to modification, by administrative agencies.

And as with all totalitarian dreams once implemented, this one will have unintended consequences. Among other results, many of which are perhaps impossible to predict, we may easily predict this one: The birth of the cashless society, with each citizen’s ability to tend to his own needs and make his own decisions with “his” money inevitably and increasingly tethered to administrative state regulations concerning proper use and healthy habits (of mind and body), will also entail the birth of the world’s largest and most vigorous underground barter society or black market. That is to say, with the very purpose of the ancient invention of money having been completely negated, the human world, to the extent that life carries on beneath the official veil laid on by the moral masterminds of progressive authoritarianism, will simply revert to the methods and natural inclinations which — to the continual distaste and ultimate refutation of totalitarian theorists — exist prior to all formal social institutions, and are rooted in the most primitive individual will to survive and thrive.

There are times when death may be the most efficacious and natural path to survival. This would be self-evident — as it was to men for more centuries than we know — were we not all trapped today within the artificial narrowing of the horizon of cause and effect engendered by the reasoning of reductionist materialism.

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