The Systemic Stupidity of the Masses

Black Lives Matter. What does that even mean? You don’t know, so don’t bother trying to answer. You don’t know, because the phrase actually means exactly nothing, or at least nothing to do with the words that comprise the phrase. It is a slogan meant to sound brave and ideological precisely to obscure or deflect from its lack of any comprehensible significance in real, logical thought.

Meanwhile, we have all been trained, like dogs (Irish setters, I would estimate, which is to say particularly stupid dogs), to use expressions like “systemic racism,” “systemic sexism,” “systemic transphobia,” or what have you, in discussing social and political issues. We use these expressions as though they were merely self-evident realities, or at least as though they were meaningful and serious ideas about which there were some legitimate terms of debate.

Knee-jerk Progressive: There is still systemic racism in modern society. 

Knee-jerk Conservative: I don’t agree. Of course there are individual racists, but I don’t see the problem as systemic. 

Both of these individuals are presuming the essential validity of the concept of “systemic racism.” In all likelihood, neither of them fully understands that what he is tacitly accepting is neo-Marxist nonsense. The system in “systemic oppression” is shorthand for the communist quasi-theoretical notion that certain socio-economic structures are intrinsically oppressive or exclusive of non-empowered groups, which is to say that those socio-economic structures are themselves inseparable from the “empowered” racial and gender groups whose historically-evolved methods of tyrannical expression they are, which is to say that History (not merely “history”) is essentially a dialectical economic process in which certain collectives have unjustly tyrannized other collectives through economic power structures that inherently restrict and diminish certain other collectives.

In practical, nuts-and-bolts terms, it means that “minorities, women, and other-gendered groups” are by definition and essence non-capitalists, because capitalism is by definition and essence a white male power structure. If you are inclined to wonder how an economic arrangement can be essentially tied to a race or gender, let alone to wonder how it can be essentially tied to both a race and a gender, you have obviously missed the Frankfurt School’s Marxist Revolution for (Creating) Dummies program, whose fifty-year-long introductory course, “Communist Crapola 101,” I have just outlined. 

Every time you hear yourself thinking of “systemic” -isms of any kind, in a political context, what you are hearing in your mind is the final moans from the living graves of a hundred million individuals who were judged, on whatever absurd pretexts, to be part of a systemically oppressive and/or Historically superfluous collective, and therefore killed or starved to death by communist sociopaths and their useful idiots, aka “the masses.” 

I will be judged a “racist” for saying all this, of course, since to question the phrase “Black Lives Matter” is now indistinguishable, in our propagandized public discourse, from questioning the fact that “black lives matter.” And to question the idea of “systemic oppression” is now indistinguishable from being systemically oppressive. “Black Lives Matter” is the slogan of a movement for which, as a matter of explicit political theory, no life matters. 

Because we are all communists now — even the capitalists among us. Capitalism today is just communism suffering from false consciousness, in denial, in the closet.

And that makes sense, in its own irrational way, since “capitalism” really is a Marxist idea. Our discourse, on all sides, has been utterly controlled and mangled, for generations, by the stupidest, most trivial and self-evidently false excuse for a political philosophy that has ever dominated the globe or destroyed the earthly lives of two billion innocent human beings.

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