Indicting Trump

Has Donald Trump committed offenses for which he could and should be indicted? Very likely. Has Joe Biden done so? Equally likely. Two pigs who have made their livelihoods, in various ways, slurping at the elite level of the public trough for ages, abusing their power and influence in ways that only seem normal and “within bounds” from the point of view of a society that has so completely lost its moorings that no one even remembers what the phrases “limited government” or “by the people” were supposed to mean.

Would Trump incite violence as a last-ditch effort to save himself from prison or prosecution? If you have to ask, you have not noticed what Trump is, and if you have not noticed this yet, you are not rational enough to join such a conversation at all, let alone to vote in elections.

Will indicting Trump guarantee that he wins the Republican presidential nomination in 2024? Probably. Will Trump win the nomination if he is not indicted? Probably. The GOP is that far gone, its voter base that far removed from reality, its media voices that far in the tank for money and ratings, and its national leadership that far from being responsible statesmen.

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