Hot Takes on Senate Impeachment Vote: Part 1

Mitt Romney has voted to remove Donald Trump from office, which is consistent with his earlier vote to call more witnesses. This shows that the earlier vote was not just a butt-covering show-vote, but that he sincerely disapproved of the GOP establishment’s circling of the wagons for Trump.

Here is radio host and complete and utter sell-out Mark Levin — establishment bootlicker extraordinaire — with his first take on the decision:

“Romney votes against Constitution with his vote today to remove a sitting president.”

Notice that Levin doesn’t say “with his incorrect vote to remove an innocent president.” Rather, he tries to broaden and deepen his criticism — to make it seem legitimate rather than mindless tribal pandering — by saying that a vote to remove a sitting president is a vote against the Constitution.

Oh, really? Then why is the impeachment clause in the Constitution? A practical joke? 

This statement from Levin — a popular constitutional lawyer — shows what the Trump cult is, and what it does to the minds of its members. 

When I think of all the people I used to regard as philosophical allies, and even, in a way, as friends….

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