“How to Watch Trump’s 2020 State of the Union Address” (because you don’t even know how to watch TV without a progressive paternalist guiding you!)

The title of this post (sans my parenthetic addition) is an exact replica of a headline appearing today at The Daily Beast, a popular leftwing political website. The post was written by one Julia Arciga, which does not mean she is responsible for that title, though she is presumably responsible for the beaming-smile-cutie-pie-tilted-head-with-raised-shoulder photograph that accompanies her byline — because in our nihilistic age, nothing says “Take me seriously” like an inane, static, unprovoked bright-eyed grin, with one’s torso shifted to one side to indicate a certain playfulness.

I haven’t read Ms. Arciga’s helpful guidelines on “how to watch Trump’s 2020 state of the union address,” and I won’t read them, because I am just nervy and irreverent enough to imagine that I can decide for myself how to watch, or rather how to understand and interpret, a TV show.

I do understand, however, that many people lack my confidence about these matters, so, in the spirit of Julia Arciga, though without the playfully insouciant smiley-face posing, I shall now offer my own advice on this highly important news event and cultural experience.

How to Watch Trump’s 2020 State of the Union Address: Advice from Limbo

Prepare a bowl of popcorn, or a plate with a few of your favorite cookies. (That’s an either/or; we don’t promote unhealthy eating here in Limbo.)

Sit down on your favorite chair, sofa, or bench, either alone or with a friend or partner of similar political interests and tendencies.

If alone, commence reading a classic novel, poetry collection, or philosophic treatise, while eating the prepared snack. If with a partner, talk about intellectually stimulating issues or (if applicable) important family news, while sharing the above-mentioned snack.

Go to sleep at a good hour.

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