Headline Fever, Fevered Headlines

A quick look at some of my favorite headlines from today’s International Workers Party Forum (aka mainstream media).

From my Microsoft News homepage: “House returns from recess to vote on USPS.”

Admit it, that’s just plain funny.

“Come in, children, recess is over, it’s time to vote now. Line up! Line up! Pink Team behind Captain Nancy, Red Team behind…oh, I’m sorry, who is captain for Red Team this week?”

From CBS News: “Biden says he would shut U.S. down if scientists recommended it.”

Somebody tell Uncle Joe that he’s a century late and a nickel short on that one. The United States Federal Government has been progressively shutting down the nation — the constitutional republic that was America — on the (convenient) recommendation of “scientists,” the academic expert class, since the first decades of the twentieth century. 

Of course, I know what Biden means, probably a lot more clearly than he does. He means that he has the leadership ability and reasoning skills of a slug, so if a few Fauci-esque climbers in his administration tell him they want to play TV star for a while, he will let them, even if it means destroying the global economy and whatever is left of the U.S. Constitution forever, by turning the once-freest republic in the world into a centralized totalitarian slave state, on the fallacious claim that such a tyranny might prevent a few people from dying this year of one particular illness — while almost certainly causing at least an equal number of other deaths due to the health, economic, and psychological effects of the tyranny itself.

Just let that ring in your mind for another moment: “he would shut U.S. down if scientists recommended it.” There’s a man who knows his own mind, ladies and gentlemen.

Finally, from NBC News: “Defiant Trump seeks Putin meeting after report finds he lied to Mueller about Russia.”

That is not defiance. That is desperation. Trump is going to ask Putin to save him again if the going gets tough as the November election approaches. Putin is going to ask, “What’s in it for me?” Trump is going to promise that if he is reelected, he will continue to be the most pro-dictatorship president in U.S. history, and the most Putin-friendly man on planet Earth, ever, running cover for Putin on every issue, standing up to U.S. allies on Putin’s behalf, stepping aside on the international stage to let Putin assert Russian authority wherever he wishes — his sycophancy will be just YUGE! Putin will smile. Trump, as I pointed out the other day, will never be poisoned.

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