Big Day in Alt-Right News

Followers of the special sub-cult of progressive hatred and civilizational suicide known as the alternative right (alt-right) have enjoyed a unique thrill ride over the past twenty-four hours, as two of the loosely-affiliated and even more loosely-anchored “movement’s” most familiar nuts, Steve Bannon and Vladimir Putin, have made headlines in the way alt-right leaders are wont to do, i.e., for criminal behavior. 

First up, every Trump fan’s favorite news beacon and top Trump backer, Vladimir Putin — caught you, didn’t I? — has apparently poisoned yet another Russian critic, this time a well-known “opposition leader” (in a country with a de facto lifetime dictator) and anti-corruption activist, Aleksei A. Navalny. The frequency with which Putin critics or political opponents suddenly turn up dead or gravely ill with toxins in their systems is almost blackly humorous at this point. If you didn’t know better, you would almost think Putin wanted people to perceive him as a man willing to poison anyone who publicly questions him. If you didn’t know better, of course.

Let’s just say Donald Trump is probably one of the lucky few in Putin’s circle of political acquaintances who may consider himself safe. 

And then we have Steve Bannon, who, in a rare ode to poetic justice, has been charged in New York with fraud related to a private fundraising scheme to help build Trump’s infamous “Wall.”

Could any charge be more fitting? Bannon, who is probably the single most prominent person involved in perpetrating the world-historical fraud that was the Trump presidential campaign and election; who used his power in the so-called conservative media, centered at Breitbart, to run a non-stop propaganda campaign for Trump and a simultaneous non-stop smear campaign against all of Trump’s primary opponents; who willingly turned Breitbart’s editorial direction over to the anti-republican, demagogue-populist alt-right, while turning its comment section over to white supremacists and Russian trollbots; who gave speeches praising and rehabilitating Mussolini, while framing the moron-baiting Trump campaign as a grassroots “people power” movement; who used thug tactics to intimidate and threaten congressmen who resisted Trump on principle in the early days of his progressive demagogue “populism.”

If ever there was a fraud in modern American politics capable of out-defrauding even the Clintons and Obamas and McConnells and all the rest, it would have to be Bannon, a vain, self-important nothing who almost singlehandedly manufactured the final humiliation and corruption of the greatest nation of the modern era, exploiting as his fake movement’s figurehead an empty shell of a man, a reality television blowhard even more vacuous and trivially self-absorbed than Bannon’s own political hero, Mussolini. And if ever there was a cult-building mantra more fraudulent than “Yes we can,” it was unquestionably “The Wall.” 

How sweet it is, then, to see Bannon charged with fraud over precisely his own personal involvement in an alleged scheme to enrich himself through that phony, putrid, idiot-magnet illusion, The Wall. 

If only Bannon could have bilked Putin out of some cash, and then found himself suddenly suffering stomach pains on an airplane, the sickening lie of the so-called “alt-right” would have completed its own circle of falsehood.

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