Democrats to Save America

Just now, I see several prominent headlines declaring that “senior Democrats,” including New York’s governor Cuomo, are announcing “plans to reopen the economy.” 

Yesterday, I read numerous headlines warning that “experts” caution against “Trump’s plan” to reopen the economy. In twenty-four hours, the mainstream media has had to shift its reporting from “Trump is a reckless maniac who wants to reopen the economy at the cost of millions of lives,” to “Democrats, concerned about ordinary people, hope to get the economy moving again.”

Forget the masks and virus tests, what America needs now is neck braces for the media and their sheep.

What this tells us, however, is that the Democrats have done some polling, and discovered that a majority of Americans are beginning to realize that the thrill-ride and “snow day” element of all this fearmongering hyperbole over the coronavirus — “Hey, let’s just sit around in our pajamas and watch TV for a few days, since they say we’re not allowed to go anywhere anyway!” — is going to lose its appeal pretty quickly, as all idling vacations soon do. In other words, people are starting to feel that eating and being employed are even more fun than being condescended to by administrative state snobs like Anthony Fauci, or propagandized into submissive compliance by the stay-at-home episode of Saturday Night Live. (“We’ll get through this together,” comforts the show’s host Tom Hanks, in spite of himself being living proof that almost everyone will “get through this” perfectly well alone, thank you very much, and without losing his life savings and all his constitutional liberties in the process.)

This shift from the Dems is going to create a partisan arms race to determine who can “reopen the economy” first, which in turn will likely incentivize Donald Trump, who makes most of his biggest decisions with his finger in the wind, to go ahead and do what he ought to have done from the get-go, which is tell the experts to stick their tyrannical condescension where the sun don’t shine, and just let people make their own adult choices about how to manage what is effectively a bad flu season.

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