Friendly Message to Trump-Supporting Parents

A Massachusetts high school teacher gave his students this debate question as a homework assignment: “Some People Claim that Donald Trump is a Fascist: Time to check it out!”

If that assignment bothers you, dear Trump supporter, then I have a little suggestion: It’s time to check out alternatives to sending your children to public school, where they will always and perpetually be propagandized with such progressive attitudes and opinions, because that’s what public school is about, for God’s sake. Wake the hell up!

Anyway, not to worry. The school’s principal, Glenn Burns (great books and American flags?) apologizes to any parents who might not be communists. (The news article cited above suggests there are still a few of those, even in Massachusetts — who knew?) But he then goes on to qualify his apology right out of existence by reassuring the communists, i.e., the majority of the school’s parents, school board members, and voters, that “we will continue to provide our scholars [with] opportunities to debate and engage in controversial topics because this is at the heart of how positive change and innovation happens.”

Ah, yes, “positive change.” Euphemism alert! In other words, “Forward!”

If you support Trump, only God can help you now. But you and you alone can help your children, and in the easiest and most obvious way possible: Get them out of public school now.

No more excuses, and no more fairy tales about getting back to basics. Public school was never about “the basics,” although of course it had more of those back before the progressive totalitarians who invented public school had completely subverted the moral and intellectual foundations of civil society — which they achieved precisely by means of several generations of those “better schools” from your supposed good old days.

Need more information? Please feel free to read The Case Against Public Education, right here in Limbo.

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