Enthusiasm for Winning at an All-Time High!

Donald Trump, a progressive populist demagogue, is officially running for reelection, and the Republican Party establishment’s media wing (aka “the conservative media”) is apoplectic with joyful enthusiasm — at the prospect of finishing off any last remnants of genuine constitutional conservatism still breathing in America.

National debt: Growing faster than ever!

Executive fiat: Yuuuge!

Government-run health care: A central plank of the Republican Party platform at last!

Presidential praise for global tyranny: At an all-time high!

Crony capitalism: Embodied by the President himself!

A federally micromanaged economy: Never fear, Tariff Man is here!

But at least he’s not a Democrat! (This year, anyway.)

To those semi-rational people who were once fearful of the damage Trump would do to the causes of liberty, civility, and constitutionalism, and therefore resisted the populist mob at some personal cost to themselves, but have since given in to the joy of “winning,” I ask this: If you can’t remember what game you were playing, how do you know whether you are winning?

I know, I know. The sound of cheering and chanting — the thrill of belonging to the happy and excited crowd — trumps all reason, all history, and all principles. It just feels so good to fit in, to be accepted again, doesn’t it?

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