An angry mob of complete idiots who want to install a military dictatorship in America, because their god Donald Trump has told them for two months that this is what he wants, are staging the (hopefully) final act in a five-year tragicomedy that has effectively — and intentionally — ended any dreams of a coherent constitutional conservative voice in America for a generation. 

In response, Donald Trump, who instigated all this because denying that he lost has been the most consistent, psychologically necessary mantra throughout his empty life, made a one-minute statement urging the protesters to “go home” — while repeatedly telling them their cause is just, because he won by a landslide, the election was stolen, and nothing like this has ever happened in America before. It is obvious from his words and his tone that he is loving every minute of this, and would never have spoken against violence in his favor at all without using it as an opportunity to justify that very violence. Patting “his people” on the head and telling them to go home and restore peace is just another titillating power trip for this world-historical twerp.

Shame and eternal shame, nothing but shame!

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