Democratic debate: 7 things to watch for

The title of this article repeats a headline I just read at MSN’s homepage. Since I think we already know what sort of things a mainstream American news source (i.e., progressive authoritarian propaganda voice) is likely to recommend that you “watch for” during a Democratic debate, I have decided to offer an alternative, non-progressive list of my own.

7 things to watch for during tonight’s (U.S. time) Democratic debate:

  1. What else is on TV tonight?
  2.  Isn’t tonight supposed to have a full moon?
  3.  When was the last time we stood outside on a fall evening and watched a moonrise?
  4.  Don’t we need to do a sock load this evening? As I recall, all my blue dress socks are in the wash.
  5.  Anyone feel like a game of rummy?
  6.  I wonder when America will finally have a pre-teen transgender president.
  7.  Man, ain’t those idiots done yet?

As it happens, I am in Korea, where it is already the morning of October 16th, so let me give you a little heads up on items 2 and 3, above.

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