“Hey, wha’ happin?”

The day Donald Trump pulled his “Let them eat Turkish bullets” stunt against the Kurds — since, after all, the Kurdish navy contributed squat at Normandy, and an orange elephant never forgets — I said, matter-of-factly (or so it seemed to me), that this was yet another instance of Trump directly capitulating to Vladimir Putin’s interests. Since then, I have chronicled, with equal matter-of-factness, how obviously right I was about that. Today, I see that even the American conservative “media” are beginning to recognize the obvious, and reporting it as though it is shocking news.

Here is the top headline at (former conservative outlet, now Trump fantasy game site) Right Scoop, aka Alt-Right Poop, as of this writing: “JUST IN: Russian troops patrolling BETWEEN Turkish and Syrian forces in Northern Syria.”

Why is this big news, days after Trump’s “off-script” sell-out of the Kurds? The answers:

1. Because every Trump cultist’s instinct in every situation is to focus so thoroughly on Trump and his imaginary motives that the rest of the universe disappears in a haze of idolatry. 

2. Because most Americans only read American news sources, which are the most corrupt, myopic, and uninformative you will find anywhere outside of China and North Korea.

I don’t get world news from American sources. That’s like asking a four-year-old New Yorker what happened in Zimbabwe this week. Or like asking a New York values progressive what happened in northern Syria. In short, they won’t know and they won’t care.

Donald Trump is a tool of Vladimir Putin. Live with it, cultists. In fact, I know you will, and happily. You will simply become defenders and even fans of Putin as a means of justifying your god’s treasonous capitulation. How do I know this? Because you have been doing that for almost four years, as Trump sells out America’s interests and allies to every two-bit thug willing to shake his hand on television.

Gee, if you didn’t know better, you might almost think this American “grassroots” softening toward Russian power was actually Putin’s plan all along. Hmm….

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