Criminal Law Today

In 2021, if you live anywhere in the Western democratic world, you are guilty of systemic oppression, domestic terrorism, and/or hate crimes, if you express any opinion, or are even found through indirect means to have recently (aka at any time over the past thirty years) entertained any thought or rumination, which is now judged by the court of progressive preemptive condemnation to be in any way aligned with, or even potentially or partially consistent with, any view that has ever been espoused, or is even presumed to have been secretly harbored, by any white male who ever did anything that a plurality of neo-Marxist authoritarians might regard as related in some quasi-causal fashion to a violent act that has at some point been committed somewhere, where “violent act” includes (but is not limited to) hurting the feelings or obstructing the preferred but unsupported presuppositions of any person whose feelings or presuppositions might be judged by that same plurality of neo-Marxist authoritarians to be consistent with this month’s moral rules of progressive totalitarian convenience.

In short, to state this from the opposite perspective, if your views are not completely and unqualifiedly in compliance with, and instantly changeable in accordance with, the ever-shifting vanguard of progressive totalitarian thought, then you are by definition a convicted criminal deserving of any punishment deemed appropriate at any time by the Tribunal. To object to this conviction in any way, let alone to seek to defend yourself against the charges, is only to convict yourself of a further crime.

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