Ceiling Unlimited for America!

Donald Trump is praising and endorsing the brilliant deal just worked out between his owner, Mitch McConnell, and the woman who calls him a racist, Nancy Pelosi, which will raise the debt ceiling all the way to Heaven, thus ensuring that the U.S. can continue to bankrupt itself into oblivion right there in front of God and everybody, and to hell with future generations.

A simple explanation of this for anyone who still doesn’t understand how American democracy works: Your grandchildren can’t vote. 

This is usually the point where some smart aleck Trump supporter will say, “America isn’t a democracy! It’s a constitutional republic!”

You just keep telling yourself that. Just don’t ask your idol to spell any of those words.

America is now, unequivocally, a pure democracy in a sense that combines all the very worst things a pure democracy can be: It is mob rule, but with the mob completely under the indoctrinating control of a wealthy elite that hides itself in plain site behind a mob-friendly demagogue who is in turn completely owned and operated by that elite.

Just to recap:

  • The national debt is growing faster than ever before.
  • There is no new border wall.
  • Illegal immigration is becoming more serious than ever.
  • America has legitimized and surrendered to North Korea.
  • America has both surrendered to and increased tensions with Russia.
  • Communist China’s drive for global hegemony is moving forward without resistance.
  • Iran is becoming more openly bold and threatening than ever before.
  • The U.S. has taken a more overtly anti-free market position than at any time in recent decades.
  • Bailouts are in vogue again, in the biggest way since those bailouts of 2008 and 2009 — the ones, as you may recall, that fostered the growth of the so-called Tea Party constitutionalist movement. Anyone remember that bunch?

But Trump sure loves America alright! And of course the military — he just looooooves his vets! And farmers! He really identifies with his farmers! MAGA!

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