Breaking: Idiot “shocked” by Paris attacks

(Originally published in November 2015)

Who knew there were violent Muslims? While online, watching the French news coverage of the multi-site terrorist attacks in Paris, I scrolled down to find a most telling update:






“Profoundly shocked”? Really? Does that mean that when she first heard there had been a terrorist attack in Paris, her immediate reaction was, “Who would do a thing like that?” Perhaps that explains why she is so deeply offended that anyone would object to admitting up to a million unidentifiable Muslim refugees into her country. Europe’s leadership has clearly created an alternative reality for itself in which public concerns about the Islamicization of Europe are simply the unfounded paranoia of closed-minded nationalists.

Speaking of nationalism, isn’t it odd that Angela Merkel, leader of Germany’s Christian Democratic Party, has taken her humanitarian stand specifically in favor of the only refugee population one could find that is associated by religious affiliation and political history with profound Jew-hatred and Holocaust-trivialization? It would be amusing, were it not so sad, to remember how pleased North American conservatives used to be with the “pro-business” Merkel. An object lesson in why conservatives must stop confusing pro-business with pro-freedom—two very different positions, in fact. If there is still a significant pro-freedom faction in Europe at all, one hopes its members are well beyond being “shocked” that Muslims could commit violence.

If there is such a thing as poetic justice, its gavel is going to come down very hard on all those national leaders who, in the name of political correctness (or worse), are currently importing massive populations of poor, unassimilated Muslims into their nations.

Godspeed to France’s latest victims of the West’s politically correct collective suicide attempt.

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