Of Kurds and Turds

A word to all the sell-outs, all the weak-kneed little children afraid to stand out there in the big bad world without their tribe, without their friends, alone with their consciences and their pride; to all those unprepared emotionally to face their fate, and their nation’s fate, without a team to side with and hide behind; to all who pretended to believe in something, to care about their country, to value principle and the U.S. Constitution and the founding fathers and the idea of a limited republic, only to turn around and reject all of that for the sake of holding on to their meaningless little band of transient listeners or readers — which is to say for the sake of their vanity and their petty material advantage; to all of them, the whole Trump cult, from the moronic true believers to the cynical operators profiteering on others’ emptiness, scavenging on the corpse of their country, I say, “Now do you understand what NeverTrump means?” 

I know the answer, for those people, is still “No,” so allow me to explain it to the ether, since that is why I really write about these matters now — certainly not to persuade anyone hopeless enough to be defending any of this garbage at this point.

NeverTrump means wishing never to be weak enough to embrace the transient advantage or short-term emotional comfort of allowing oneself to be tainted in any way with the ugliness that is the Trump presidency. NeverTrump means knowing that no matter how awful it gets, one never has to look in the mirror and confess to one’s soul, “I contributed to that.” NeverTrump means one can honestly say, to one’s dying day, “When all around me lost their heads, I kept mine.”

Donald Trump just gave two tyrants, Erdogan and Putin, what they wanted. They will do with it just what they will. And what is most revolting about this is not that Trump made a horrible mistake. No, what is truly sickening is that everyone knew he would do this. Everyone knew he would sell out his country and his country’s allies to appease Vladimir Putin. Everyone knew he “admired” (i.e., feared) the would-be leader of the new caliphate, and would therefore let him kill hundreds of Kurds whom America had vowed to defend. There was no doubt he would do this. And now he has done it. And he will do it again. And his millions of turds will continue to worship him, defend him, follow him with blind faith and the fervor of just what they all are: idol-obsessed overgrown twelve-year-olds with public school intellects and nursery school character.

“They [the Kurds] didn’t help us in the second World War,” says the Orange Scum today to defend his assent to atrocity, as hundreds of people who were not born during WWII are killed by Turkish forces.

Go ahead, you turdish millions. Go ahead Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, Roger Kimball, and all you “Good Trump, Bad Trump” careerist phonies. Go ahead, I dare you to question the motives or character of a “NeverTrumper” today.

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