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Dr. Fauci admits to having radically shifted his publicly declared threshold of the percentage of Americans that would need to be infected or vaccinated in order to achieve “herd immunity.” Fauci, with the help of his media backers, is out on television these days trying to rationalize that change as the result of insufficient knowledge — a completely untenable explanation in light of the full context of his original remarks to the New York Times, in which he directly tied his changed estimate to changing public attitudes about the vaccine. 

Simple explanation of this situation, for the hard of thinking: Dr. Fauci, America’s official spokesman for, and most widely cited “expert” on, the authoritarian approach to pandemic response, is, and has consistently been, a bald-faced liar who believes he is so much better than you that he may say whatever works for him and his totalitarian allies today, truth be damned — in addition to his not knowing what the hell he is talking about.

Another likely facet of Fauci’s urgent need to ratchet up the herd immunity threshold: The CDC knows damn well that the actual number of infections is at least seven or eight times the number of official “cases” (i.e., positive tests), which means America is probably coming very close to herd immunity numbers right now. Hence the need to raise the numerical threshold, in order to justify prolonging the tyranny.

Donald Trump, the lamest lame duck in the history of the expression, is currently demanding that Congress triple the personal payoffs in its current “COVID relief bill,” thus taking the nouveau conservative position that the federal government should be the provider and savior for the people, without regard for the national debt. Meanwhile, he is on Twitter condemning the Supreme Court — a third of which is comprised of his own nominees — as cowardly and incompetent, because he cannot get them to arbitrarily overturn an election that everyone on Earth who is not a member of his Russian-based fan club knows he lost, and against which judgment neither he nor his “legal team” (aka internet conspiracy kooks) have provided one scintilla of evidence that even they have had the nerve to introduce in a court of law.

[Update: Trump has just given up on the extra large payouts and signed the bill as is, while publicly boasting that this complete capitulation to his betters is some sort of great victory — in other words, typical Trump.]

Oh, and as a side note, every criminal grifter and authoritarian punk and Putin-planted thug ever associated with Trump’s campaign or administration is now cleared of all convictions, thanks to Donnie Boy’s love of what he sees as loyalty, but which in fact is just a bunch of amoral opportunists who saw Trump as an easy mark for their self-aggrandizing schemes.

America today has a debt that can never be repaid, factionalism of civil war extremes, neo-Marxist activists embedded so widely and deeply throughout the administrative state that there is no hope of ever weeding them out, a congress controlled on both sides by octogenarian progressive liars, an education establishment that actively retards moral and intellectual development as a matter of public policy, and an amusement and entertainment industry that makes Aldous Huxley’s fantasies of “sex hormone chewing gum,” “Orgy-porgy,” and “the feelies” look remarkably civilized by comparison.

That is the condition of the nation upon which rested any hope for the survival of liberty, individualism, and the promise of a rational modern civilization on this planet. In other words, we are all in a lot of trouble, trouble that will last generations, obliterating so much good, and erasing so much that was never to be forgotten. The state of things on this Earth, to put it mildly, will not get better before it gets much, much worse.

But it will get better. 

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