Violence Against Women

The United States Congress, that wonderful bellwether of popular sentiment, or rather popular indoctrination, has passed a “sweeping” new LGBTQ rights bill — which is to say a bill that sweeps away millennia of human decency and common sense with the wave of one old bag’s pen. Aside from being yet another, and obviously superfluous, assault on the moral concepts of property rights and religious liberty — the practical reality of property rights and religious liberty already having been long-since deleted from the global political scene — an American friend points out one of the special side effects of the bill, namely to effectively wipe out women’s sports.

The idea that this bill’s political entrenchment of the idea of “identifying as a woman” would establish in law the right of (some) men to beat the hell out of women in public, to humiliate them in races and tennis matches, and to essentially make a mockery of the whole concept of “women’s sports,” is actually kind of morbidly funny if you think about it. It is a superb example of progressivism eating its own. I can hardly wait for the women’s boxing finals at the Olympics. How will the commentators describe what they are seeing? How will the fans react to watching a faster, stronger man pummeling a slower, weaker woman? How will the audience at home respond to the raising of its national flag in honor of a “biological” man repeatedly punching a “biological” woman in the face?

Finally, a reason to care about the Olympics again! 

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