America: Another Week’s Demolition Complete

Democrats must be flummoxed by Trump’s “foreign policy.” He has stolen all the moves they used to do behind closed doors or (accidently) into hot mics, and he has turned those secret anti-American subversions into boastful, brazen betrayals of American interests and America’s allies — and his supporters shout “MAGA!” and “Nobel Prize!” for each and every betrayal.

Imagine if Obama had known he could get away with this kind of stuff — Kurds, Putin, China, Hong Kong, North Korea — by just shouting it through a megaphone while wearing an “America First” T-shirt.

Every “best person” Trump hires, to great fanfare from his cult, turns out to be a “weak, hopeless loser who did a terrible job in the administration and had to be fired.” And the cult turns on a dime to this new position every time, seemingly on a weekly basis at this point, without ever blinking or pausing to ask themselves any of the following questions:

“Has there ever been a more blatantly unsuccessful and inept manager in the history of any organization, anywhere?”

“Has there ever been a boss, CEO, or supervisor who has had so many high-profile ex-employees speak out so forcefully against him personally, in the history of anything?”

“Have I ever turned to hating and denouncing the character and humanity of so many people I myself had just recently praised and defended, merely on the basis of one man I’ve never met telling me I shouldn’t like or respect those people anymore?”

Best brief synopsis of the Trump administration I’ve seen anywhere lately comes from a commenter, Kevin M, at Patterico’s blog:

The Trump administration progression:

1. _________ is the BEST possible candidate for the job.
2. _________ is doing a fantastic job. BEST EVER!
3. _________ tells Trump some truth.
4. _________ tells Trump some truth, again.
5. _________ is leaving the WH. Best job! Thanks!
6. _________ tells about conflicts and difficulties with Trump.
7. _________ is a traitor and maybe even Satan.
8. _________ is featured in the Two-Minute Hate.
9. _________ is a non-person.
10. [New guy] is the BEST possible candidate for the job….

The Democratic Party is slowly coming to terms with the fact that they do not have a candidate who can beat Trump in an election. Proof that they have resigned themselves to this might come in the form of Bernie Sanders rising to the top of the heap in the primaries — and being permitted to stay there.

This result, exactly what the party establishment would never allow if they thought the presidency was actually on the table (see 2016), would serve two purposes: First, it would quell the bubbling resentment that the party’s principled (Marxist) grassroots has been feeling toward the old boys club since 2016; second, it would allow the old boys club to reassert itself in choosing the next nominee, on the grounds that “We tried the uncompromising, principled socialist last time, and look how that worked out.”

In 2016, I stated, on numerous occasions, that the extent to which America has fallen into the grip of a duplicitous and corrosive establishment can be seen in the fact that in spite of both parties having growing grassroots movements dedicated to breaking the Washington Uniparty, and both party primaries featuring popular representatives of these grassroots movements, the overseers of the “two-party system” managed to rig the works to cough up an electoral hairball, in the form of nominating the two worst humans in the entire United States of America as the presidential “rivals.”

In 2020, needless to say, the election will feature the winner of that titanic struggle at the bottom of the barrel, against essentially no one. And the bottom of the barrel will beat No One — by about 54-46. Such is the fate of history’s democratic urge, modernity’s philosophy of individual rights, and the world’s greatest experiment in practical liberty. 

Back to the drawing board, I suppose.

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