Democratic Debate Night(s)!!

Things move so fast in communism that we’ve barely had time to digest the first half of the first Democratic debate before the second half is over and done with. Thus, before getting into the nitty-gritty on the big showdown between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, let us take a moment to review the preview, shall we?

Episode I: The Phantom Menace

As previously noted, I refused to waste one minute of my precious time on this Earth listening to weak-souled power-mongers arguing over who can enslave more people faster. On that score, I’m happy to call it a wash — they are all winners.

But I’m sure you are dying to know who really won the debate, from the point of view of those who actually care about such garbage. That is, who got more of the pro-totalitarian media to declare him (or her) the winner, such declarations being all anyone will remember about the event anyway?

That optics contest went about as one might expect, as far as I can tell from headlines and opening paragraphs. The more “moderate” Washington Post favored Elizabeth Warren, i.e., Hillary Clinton with less blood on her hands and more doctrinaire socialism in her rhetoric. The New York Times, i.e., The Daily Worker (Pseudo-Intellectual Edition), went for the young blood with the hippest name from a commie point of view, Castro.  Meanwhile, MSNBC talking head (or some other part, depending on perspective) Donny Deutsch had the audacity to declare that no one on the debate stage during Round One had what it will take to beat Donald Trump — which winning quality he defines as “an ideal Joe Biden.” In other words, he favors one of the candidates who was assigned to Round Two of this seventy-six trombone debate. 

What purpose does any of this serve, beyond providing a platform for commentators and “advisers” to position themselves and prop up their preferred Marxist?

Enough said. Now it’s on to….

Episode II: Attack of the Clones

The second night featured two men who are older than Trump, and look older than Moses: one of them honeymooned at the Kremlin during the Brezhnev years, and the other can’t stop nuzzling random girls in their teenage years.

We also had a homosexual who insists God was all for Sodom, someone named Hickenlooper (seriously, can you imagine American voters standing in a voting booth and choosing to create a “President Hickenlooper”?), and a black woman who will insist on mentioning that she is black and a woman at every opportunity, in case you ever forget.

All of them advocate some form of Marxism, whether of the old-fashioned “Don’t call it socialism” variety, or the ultra-chic “My great-grandfather was a Bolshevik” variety. If any of them ever become president of the United States, it’s game over. That’s not a warning, but merely a truism, since it’s game over regardless of who wins any elections at this point. 

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