This Was Always the Way It Had to End

Here is Louie Gohmert, the Trump cult’s new lead spokesman, “explaining” what Trump’s fifty million drooling idiots should do to respond to the inevitable dismissal of his lawsuit against Mike Pence on the grounds, in part, that he has no standing to bring such a suit:

“With regard to the standing issue, if a member of Congress who is going to object to electors that were fraudulently sit there, and a state has sent two sets, and I don’t have standing, to go to court and say the electors act, it has got an unconstitutional provision, if I don’t have standing to do that, nobody does,” Gohmert told Robinson.

“And if the appropriate defendant is not the vice president, that under the constitution has the power to make that determination, then there is no,” Gohmert continued, then added “But bottom line is, the court is saying we’re not going to touch this, you have no remedy, basically in effect the ruling would be that you got to go to the streets and be as violent as antifa and BLM because I’m not going to be [inaudible].”

In other words, Gohmert, speaking like a drunken bum (or like the hero he is defending), has just gone on the cult’s leading news source and announced that the only way they will ever achieve their goal of overriding the U.S. Constitution in their idol’s name is by revolutionary violence. 

A quick reminder: The gist of Gohmert’s absurd “lawsuit” was that Mike Pence has the constitutional authority, as president of the U.S. Senate, to open only the state electors envelopes he wishes, while refusing to open others — in other words, that the sitting vice president has the power to directly determine the outcome of his own election.

To all those — including many readers of this website — who told themselves, “I know Trump’s a goof, but I like a lot of his policies and he hasn’t been as bad as I feared,” I have some questions: Why didn’t you see this coming? Where else did you think this would end? What did you think would result from handing “your” party and your country over to the personality cult of a sociopathic demagogue? 

There is no surprise in these events, none whatsoever. And do not fool yourself that this is only happening because the cult is convinced Trump was defrauded out of reelection. You have no reason at all for supposing they would not be doing something similar if this were 2024, and they were facing the constitutional limit of Trump’s reign. They would not accept it. They would concoct reasons to reject the constitutional term limit. They would persuade themselves that the only way to save the country from the Democrats was to make an exception for Trump to rule for life. For they have sold their minds to a fantasy world, and they will never get them back. A life worth living, for those fifty million, ends with Trump.

That is what you bought when you followed Mitch McConnell down this “But Hillary!” garden path. 

Your best hope now is the likelihood that, as I have said here in the past, Trump’s cult is made up of people who love their master precisely because he stands (in their very deluded minds) for all the strength and courage and gumption and revolutionary energy that they lack themselves, or that exists in their own souls solely in the form of talk radio bluster — a lot of shouting in the kitchen, followed by dessert, a good belch, and football on TV.

I, too, hope my perception of the cult’s fecklessness was right. For their profiteering cheerleaders and megalomaniacal leader have shown themselves to be utterly without conscience or reservation in manipulating those fifty million for their own material advantage or ego gratification.

The Stupid Revolt. America deserved a better fate than this. Or it didn’t.

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