When Your Icing Is Not Your Own

Banner headline today at Right Scoop

VICTORY! Supreme Court sides with Masterpiece Cakeshop who refused to bake gay wedding cake!

Imagine a nation in which a baker must fight a legal battle all the way up to the supreme court to establish his right to control the use and disposal of his own icing sugar and eggs.

Now imagine a world in which that nation is not the tyrannical outcast of civilization, but the best chance and last hope for the survival of liberty and private property in the advanced world.

And we think our smartphones and organic salad greens make modern life wonderful?

And we think, “How lucky we are to live in this time of peace and prosperity!”

And we think, “How cruel life was in the age before government safety nets and redistributive justice.”

And we think, “Thank God we have universal schooling, government health care, and anti-discrimination laws!”

And we think tolerance enforced at gun point is equality, and license to plunder others for our pleasure, freedom.

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