What Is Left?

If you vote for Joe Biden, you must hope that he has enough sense or conscience left in him to resist or at least curtail the most extreme instincts of his Democratic Party advisors (read puppetmasters), for which hope we have not a shred of encouraging evidence. If you vote for Donald Trump, you must hope that his Republican Party advisors (read lackeys) are able to exert enough moderating influence to prevent or curtail his most extreme acts of national sell-out, for which, again, we have not a shred of encouraging evidence.

It is not an enviable time to be an American voter. I have never felt more relieved not to be one, nor more fortunate that I cannot be identified as one by St. Peter.

Stated another way, the American electorate is being asked to make a choice in November between aggressively adopting Soviet-style government in the USA or actively facilitating the globalist aggression of Russia’s current Soviet-trained dictator. There is a popular third-party challenger, although in fact he has no party, no significant allies within the established parties, and favors some ill-defined, watered-down version of Soviet-style government at home along with unabashed pro-KGB-dictator propaganda abroad. If all else fails — as it is bound to do, given the options — there is always the Libertarian Party, which to boost its hopes with the young drugged-up voters it courts ought to consider changing its name to something more straightforward and unambiguous, such as the Fiddling While Rome Burns Party.

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