Update on the House Unfreedom Caucus

I have written several times over the past, oh, let’s say four years (hmm…) about the sudden and complete shift of the U.S. House Freedom Caucus into an anti-American, anti-Constitution, corporate GOP appendage, the unfreedom caucus. When they essentially forced their only principled member, Justin Amash, out of the group (and the Republican Party) for his refusal to reject every single pro-liberty position the group he co-founded had ever espoused, all shreds of doubt were removed: The “Freedom Caucus” was just another Washington establishment front group for the smooth deliverance of the once-free republic over to the Marxist corporatists — and a particularly subversive and dangerous front group, for being the federal government’s unofficial but self-proclaimed staunchest defenders of the U.S. Constitution. 

I am sick and tired of talking about the American implosion detonated by the utter and abject fraud that was the Trump presidency. I have said it all, as clearly and rationally as possible, a thousand different ways since 2016, for which I have been rewarded with the loss of almost all my readers — rationality is the last thing cult-following crybabies want to hear. So this time, rather than making myself sick with frustration yet again, and yelling myself hoarse for the benefit of exactly no one, I will simply defer to one of the rare American conservative writers who has actually turned out to be one (rather than being just another profiteering pied piper for the Trump rats), namely Quin Hillyer. 

Hillyer has a nice little piece at the Washington Examiner demonstrating what I have been saying since 2016 — that the House Freedom Caucus has proved to be as anti-freedom as any faction of American government can be. They are proving it yet again, as Hillyer explains, supporting their master’s idiotic plan to destroy what little there is of internet freedom, merely to help Donnie the Wonder RINO get personal revenge against a couple of social media companies who have been so mean to him — and in the process assuring the quick annihilation through lawsuits of every “conservative media” outlet on the internet.

Please read Hillyer’s piece, linked above, especially if you regard freedom, internet or otherwise, as kind of a good thing — and define “freedom” as something other than slavish obeisance to the dumbest man you have ever seen on television, which is how America’s “Freedom Caucus” defines it.

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