Update on Life in Limbo

As regular visitors may know, I’ve been temporarily dragged away from Limbo into something closer to my version of Hell, i.e., a modern hospital. Surrounded by people at all times, prodded by strangers, bombarded with incessant noise of all sorts, and every bit of privacy overruled in favor of unwanted exposure — essentially, modern progressive society in microcosm.

As a result, my writing output has been somewhat curtailed. After all, isn’t the derailing of concentration and private thinking exactly the goal of modern social life?

Never fear, however. There are works in progress (no pun intended) as we speak, and ones that will surely vindicate the human soul’s perpetual fight for liberty against the forces of stupidity, if I may say so. Well, it’s my website, so of course I may say so, so there.

Since the theme of redeeming suffering has been much in my mind and writing of late, I suppose I ought to note that even Hell has its upside. For over a week, Donald Trump has barely been a blip on my radar, not to mention his reality television rivals over on “the other side of the aisle.”

Part Three of “As I Lay Living,” and other items, coming soon to a virtual reality near you.

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