U.S. Midterms: Round and Round

My American friends will be voting in their midterm elections on Tuesday, November 6th. And when I say “My American friends,” I mean that sincerely, on more than one level. Thus it is with equal sincerity that I say “I’m so sorry,” to all principled Americans today. For your political system has been completely and intractably undermined by competing factions of unprincipled careerists, opportunists, and, in many cases, sociopaths. They are asking, or rather demanding, that you, the voters, be the extras in the epic tale they are producing: The Usurpation of the Republic.

Nevertheless, this year, like all other election years, a goodly proportion of self-described conservatives or constitutionalists are declaring that a Republican Party victory is especially imperative in this election, and therefore that any conservative who expresses disgust at the idea of succumbing to the same old “binary choice” ruse yet again is a tacit supporter of the socialist left, or perhaps even an outright traitor to America.

“Refusing to vote Republican is in effect handing one vote to the Democrats,” they argue, as though eschewing all cola were tantamount to asking for Pepsi.

The Democratic Party is, and has long been, the party of socialism. But there is no way such a socialist party could continue to thrive and control the debate in the United States of America, of all places, without a facilitating “opponent,” i.e., a party that pretends to oppose what the Dems stand for, but in fact consistently carries water for them, legitimizes them, and joins them in slowing or thwarting the radical decisions that would have to be made by any movement that truly had a chance to turn back the socialist transformation of America.

That loyal opposition, equivalent to the old Washington Generals, who faithfully “tried to defeat” the Harlem Globetrotters for decades, would be the Republican Party.

Please don’t say, “But the GOP wins elections!” Yes, they do. In fact, they have majorities in the House and Senate, along with the White House. And it’s politics as usual in Washington: The Dems propose spending a quadrillion dollars on illegitimate government functions and programs. The Republicans counter with “cutting” spending down to just 999 trillion, and then at election time both parties tell their respective fans that the fate of the republic depends on stopping the other guys.

The Dems say, “Government should own everything.” The Republicans counter with, “No, our corporate cronies should own everything, and a regulatory regime set up to skew the market in favor of the cronies.”

The Dems say, “All children should be indoctrinated in government schools.” Republicans reply, “No, people should be allowed to choose where their children will be indoctrinated — although of course the indoctrination will be protected by controlling the so-called alternative schools with strings-attached government funding and ‘approved institution’ status.”

In sum, the Democrats say, “Full-on socialism now!” The Republicans counter, “Hey, what’s the rush?”

They are laughing at you, and have been doing so pretty much continually for generations.

After each election, conservatives say, “If they don’t get it right this time, then it’s time for a third party.” And then every election, they collectively condemn anyone who even dares to mention a third party option by saying “So you want to hand the election to the Democrats?”

In case you haven’t worked out the logic on this one, I’ll do it for you: This cycle never ends until people stop fantasizing that this time is different. No it isn’t, because they aren’t.

Oh, I know, “But Trump.” Yes, the old friend and funder of the Clintons, Mitch McConnell’s major donor, who appointed McConnell’s wife to his cabinet, and who personally favors socialized medicine and tariffs. He’s the man who makes this election different.

For the umpteenth time, allow me to summarize an argument I made repeatedly throughout 2016, at the price of thousands of readers, a few friends, and a prominent, influential outlet for my writing: Trump won because the GOP establishment preferred him to the alternatives. He won because they fought for him at the convention. He won because they knew who he really was (a man who, unlike Jeb or Kasich, could get grassroots votes, but without actually caring about all that Constitution stuff the establishment hates), and they knew what he would never be (a principled leader fighting for a limited republic).

Vote for whomever you want. I know it’s a difficult choice. But don’t tell people who are sick of being played, and just can’t hold their noses this time, that they are supporting socialism. No, it’s the GOP that has allowed socialism to become the force it is, by consistently and deliberately refusing to do anything to counter it in a principled, sincere way, and by doing everything in their power to prevent any such principled opposition force from developing within their ranks. I haven’t seen any evidence that they intend to do anything different this time around.

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