The End Times, or Out With a Whimper

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. At this moment, the United States of America, the biggest and most definitive political development of the modern era, is in the process of falling so hard, and so fast, that the axis-shifting dent its crash leaves in the Earth’s crust might provide clues as to how the dinosaurs became extinct. It is a shoo-in, at any rate, that humanity, as anything other than a slightly under-equipped animal species, is well on its way to extinction.

Within the past twenty-four hours, the Democratic members of the U.S. Senate have voted, almost unanimously, to reject any legal protections for infants born as a result of failed abortions. In other words, if a live human baby, capable of breathing apart from its mother — and therefore capable, in principle, of eating, crying, growing, learning, voting, having a family, writing a great novel, and finding a cure for cancer apart from its mother — accidentally survives said mother’s attempt to murder him, there is no legal protection forbidding that mother and her co-conspirator (aka abortionist) from attacking that innocent and vulnerable human being with knives to finish him off for good.

In non-euphemistic, but also non-hyperbolic language, the Democrats just voted (as they typically do, and as everyone knew they would) to legalize infanticide, plain and simple. And in the next election, more than sixty million people will vote for this party and its presidential candidate — who is likely to come from among the senators who just voted for infanticide — without blinking, without shame, and without even caring that they are voting to be governed by cold-blooded murderers. (Murderers whose counterparts on the Republican side of the Senate, as soon as the rhetorical flourish of this moment fades away, will continue to refer to them collegially as “my good friend across the aisle.”)

Speaking of those murderers’ good friends across the aisle, they are all up in arms today over the House Democrats’ vote to deny President Trump his national emergency declaration, with its accompanying illegitimate authority to raid the national budget for tax revenues (along with state-stolen goods known as “asset forfeitures”) to pay for a pretend wall that has no real purpose other than to appease and impress Trump’s cult members.

Needless to say, the Democrats are not denying Trump’s declaration because they care about excessive executive authority as such, or because they believe in the constitutional separation of powers. That is the rhetoric they are using, of course, but there is plenty of precedent to prove that they have no concern for such things, as long as the illegitimate and unconstitutional powers in question are serving progressive interests. On the other hand, though entirely by accident, the Democrats happen to be right in this case, which leaves the Republicans looking like the ones defending the indefensible.

For what can Trump’s GOP friends say to justify his national emergency declaration, in light of the fact that Trump himself has expressly announced that there is no emergency, and that his declaration was purely a matter of practical expediency, i.e., an illegitimate power-grab? No matter; they will say just what they are supposed to say to maintain the tribal optics of the Washington establishment, since they do no care about constitutionality or legitimacy of government any more than do their Democratic pseudo-rivals.

But in 2020, more than sixty million Americans will vote for this party of mindless (aka “populist”) demagoguery.

These days, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a raving idiot with the political seriousness of a well-propagandized thirteen-year-old and the manner (and manners) of a spoiled four-year-old, is having her way with the American political scene, due to being (a) a girl (please never mistake this squealing thing for a woman) and (b) the kind of unapologetic Marxist authoritarian the “mainstream media” always hoped Barack Obama would be. Her rise is less significant for what she is — although I have little doubt she will be President of the United States someday — than for what it demonstrates about the current political climate in America. The country is in full Students for a Democratic Society mode. That is, the SDS mindset is no longer the radical fringe or a romanticized picture of “idealistic” socialism, but rather the prime time, milquetoast, “Would-you-like-fries-with-that?” tenor of urban America. Sub-Maoist revolutionary hatred for the norms and traditions of modern civilization and its history, including the living history represented by the older generation, is ascendant, driven sky-high by the splashing collapse of the life and liberty around it.

Ocasio-Cortez, in other words, along with such related sideshows as the California push to lower the voting age to seventeen, and the constant kowtowing to the alleged opinions of “the young” in every context, from climate change to feminism to gun control, is important primarily as a symptom of moral and intellectual bankruptcy on a national scale.

America no longer has any self-respect, or even any awareness of itself as an adult society. It is a nation entering second childhood, drooling, giggling, and lip-diddling itself into tyranny.

And down will come Baby, cradle and all.

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