Tucker Carlson Asks A Question

I only happen upon such things by accident, since I do not deliberately seek out totalitarian propaganda, but I see Fox News’ Chief Kremlin Correspondent Tucker Carlson is at it again. On his show recently, Carlson, in his full whining high school debate loser intonation, confronted Republican congressman Mike Turner with this remarkable battery of questions:

Who’s got the energy reserves? Who’s the major player in world affairs? Who’s the potential counterbalance against China, which is the actual threat? Why would we take Ukraine’s side? Why aren’t we on Russia’s side? I’m totally confused. 

Congressman Turner’s perfect rapid response: “Well, clearly.”

So here, to restate it in its proper context, but without the pouty sarcastic voice and the smirking moron facial expressions, is what Carlson — the most watched political commentator in America — is really asking:

In this conflict between a small, weak democracy trying to defend its sovereign territory, and the huge, aggressive tyranny currently seeking to use threats of massive military invasion to (further) overrun and annex that sovereign democratic country’s territory, why should the United States support the non-aggressive democracy trying to defend itself, rather than supporting the hostile tyranny trying to occupy and devour that non-aggressive democracy?

And here is Carlson’s stated reason for being “totally confused” about this matter, reduced to its essence: Russia is big and powerful and has a lot of resources, whereas Ukraine is small and weak and does not have a lot of resources. Shouldn’t the United States stand with the big, powerful, resource-rich country in its effort to invade and destroy the small, weak country?

And I reiterate the point, and the only point, which makes this clinical insanity or moral evil (take your pick) noteworthy at all: Tucker Carlson remains the single most watched political commentator on American cable news, with millions of regular viewers who obviously are not abandoning him over these frequent and ongoing pro-Putin, pro-tyranny, pro-Soviet-style-invasion rants. And those millions of admirers are Republican voters, specifically the kind of Republican voters who would typically be described as “politically engaged.” 

This, then, according to millions of Americans, is the best alternative available to the “anti-Trump” mainstream media and the socialist Democratic Party. 

“But then what is the better alternative?” ask the hypnotized, scornfully.

Oh, I don’t know, perhaps you could search your belly button lint for hidden messages. It couldn’t be worse.

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